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Debar 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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1. معطل کرنا Muatal Karna : Suspend, Debar : (verb) bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.

Related : Punish : impose a penalty on; inflict punishment on. Throw Out : force to leave or move out.

2. روکنا Rokna, ٹالنا Talna : Avert, Avoid, Deflect, Fend Off, Forefend, Forfend, Head Off, Obviate, Stave Off, Ward Off, Debar : (verb) prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening.

Related : Prevent : keep from happening or arising; make impossible.

3. روکنا Rokna : Bar, Exclude, Debar : (verb) prevent from entering; keep out.

Related : Veto : command against.

Debar in Book Titles

Leaving Lo Debar.

Useful Words

Bar - Barricade - Block - Block Off - Block Up - Blockade - Stop : ناکہ بندی کرنا Naka Bandi Karna : render unsuitable for passage. "Barricade the streets"

Happening - Natural Event - Occurrence - Occurrent : واقعہ Waqia : an event that happens.

Forbid - Foreclose - Forestall - Preclude - Prevent : روکنا Rokna : keep from happening or arising; make impossible. "How to prevent him ?"

Temporarily : عارضی طور پر Aarzi Tor Par : for a limited time only; not permanently. "He will work here temporarily"