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Cipher : خفیہ کرنا , Key Word : اہم لفظ , Rebus : حرف معما , Encode : خفیہ الفاظ میں لکھنا , Compile : کوڈ کو چلنے کے قابل بنانا , Unwonted : غیر معمولی , Out-Of-The-Way : نا مناسب , Stiff : عام سا آدمی , Reconvert : پرانے حالت میں لے آنا , Christianise : عیسائی بنانا , Ash : راکھ ہونا , Liquidate : کیش میں تبدیل کرنا , Different : انوکھا , Bizarreness : بے تکا پن , Coding : رمز نویسی , Protocol : ضابطہ اخلاق , Caponise : مرغا خصی کرنا , Mineralize : معدنی مادے میں بدلنا , Lignify : لکڑی میں تبدیل کرنا , Everyday : کام کا دن , Mundaneness : عمومیت , Stretch : انتہائی حد , Commonplace : معمولی چیز , Unusual : غیر معمولی , Casual : عام , Cryptogram : رمزی تحریر , Codify : قانون کی تدوین کرنا , Cipher : خفیہ پیغام , Realise : کیش میں تبدیل کرنا , Humify : پودے کی باقیات کو نباتی کھاد میں بدلنا , Proselyte : نو مذہبی

Useful Words Definitions

Cipher: convert ordinary language into code.

Key Word: a word that is used as a pattern to decode an encrypted message.

Rebus: a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words.

Encode: convert information into code.

Compile: use a computer program to translate source code written in a particular programming language into computer-readable machine code that can be executed.

Unwonted: out of the ordinary.

Out-Of-The-Way: out of the ordinary.

Stiff: an ordinary man.

Reconvert: convert back.

Christianise: convert to Christianity.

Ash: convert into ashes.

Liquidate: convert into cash.

Different: differing from all others; not ordinary.

Bizarreness: strikingly out of the ordinary.

Coding: act of writing in code or cipher.

Protocol: code of correct conduct.

Caponise: convert a cock into a capon.

Mineralize: convert into a mineral substance.

Lignify: convert into wood or cause to become woody.

Everyday: found in the ordinary course of events.

Mundaneness: the quality of being commonplace and ordinary.

Stretch: extension to or beyond the ordinary limit.

Commonplace: completely ordinary and unremarkable.

Unusual: not usual or common or ordinary.

Casual: appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions.

Cryptogram: a piece of writing in code or cipher.

Codify: organize into a code or system, such as a body of law.

Cipher: a message written in a secret code.

Realise: convert into cash; of goods and property.

Humify: convert (plant remains) into humus.

Proselyte: a new convert; especially a gentile converted to Judaism.