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تَشریح کَرنا : Tashreeh Karna Meaning in English

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1 of 7) تشریح کرنا وضاحت کرنا نقشہ کھینچنا : Depict Describe Draw : (verb) give a description of.

Related : Sketch : describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of.

2 of 7) تشریح کرنا توضیح دوسرے الفاظ میں بات کرنا : Paraphrase Rephrase Reword : (verb) express the same message in different words.

Related : Retell : to say, state, or perform again.

3 of 7) تشریح کرنا مثالوں سے واضع کرنا مثال سے سمجھانا : Exemplify Illustrate Instance : (verb) clarify by giving an example of.

Related : Lucubrate : add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing.

4 of 7) تفصیل تشریح کرنا وضاحت کرنا : Dilate Elaborate Enlarge Expand Expatiate Exposit Expound Flesh Out Lucubrate : (verb) add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing.

Related : Elucidate : make clear and (more) comprehensible. Detail : provide details for. Instance : clarify by giving an example of.

5 of 7) تشریح کرنا : Interpret Rede : (verb) give an interpretation or explanation to.

Related : Moralize : interpret the moral meaning of. Misinterpret : interpret falsely. Explicate : make plain and comprehensible.

6 of 7) تجزیہ کرنا تشریح کرنا : Anatomize : (verb) analyze down to the smallest detail.

Related : Study : consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning.

7 of 7) تشریح کرنا : Comment : (verb) explain or interpret something.

Related : Explicate : make plain and comprehensible.

Useful Words

وضاحت پیش کرنا : Account, Describe, Report : to give an account or representation of in words. "Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental".

حقیقت کا روپ دینا : Actualise, Actualize : represent or describe realistically.

ہلکی سی جھلک : Adumbrate, Outline, Sketch : describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of. "Sketch the outline of the book".

تمثیل بیان : Allegory : an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances; an extended metaphor.

ابھی تک : As Yet, Heretofore, Hitherto, So Far, Thus Far, Til Now, Until Now, Up To Now, Yet : used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. "He would have come until now".

تصویر کشی کرنا : Characterise, Characterize, Qualify : describe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of. "You can characterize his behavior as that of an egotist".

تشبیہہ دینا : Compare, Equate, Liken : consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous. "We can compare the Han dynasty to the Romans".

انوکھا : Elusive : difficult to describe. "A haunting elusive odor".

مستقبل کا فعل : Future Perfect, Future Perfect Tense : a perfective tense used to describe action that will be completed in the future. "`I will have finished' is an example of the future perfect".

یونانی شاعر : Hesiod : Greek poet whose existing works describe rural life and the genealogies of the gods and the beginning of the world (eighth century BC).

حال ماضی : Historical Present : the use of the present tense to describe past actions or states. ""It is a great day in 1947" is a historical present sentence".

زبانوں کو آسان کر کے سمجھانے والی زبان : Metalanguage : a language that can be used to describe languages.

فہرست بنانا : List, Name : give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of. "List the states west of the Mississippi".

مختصر بیان : Sketch, Vignette : a brief literary description.

تفصیل کے لحاظ سے : Descriptively : by giving a description. "These topics need to be treated not just descriptively".

کام کی تفصیل : Job Description : description of the responsibilities associated with a given job.

بیان : Recital : a detailed account or description of something. "He was forced to listen to a recital of his many shortcomings".

ناقابل بیان : Indefinable, Indescribable, Ineffable, Unspeakable, Untellable, Unutterable : defying expression or description. "Indefinable yearnings".

خصوصیت : Detailing, Particularisation, Particularization : an individualized description of a particular instance.

نشان : Label : a brief description given for purposes of identification. "The label Modern is applied to many different kinds of architecture".

تاریخ : Account, Chronicle, History, Story : a record or narrative description of past events. "A history of France".

جانور یا پودے کا نمونہ : Holotype, Type Specimen : the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made.

تفصیل : Spec, Specification : a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work. "He need specification of this chemical".

سانس اندر لینا : Breathe In, Inhale, Inspire : draw in (air). "Inhale deeply".

نزدیک آنا : Close : draw near. "The probe closed with the space station".

فائدہ اٹھانا : Capitalise, Capitalize, Take Advantage : draw advantages from. "He is capitalizing on her mistake".

خون بہانا : Bleed, Leech, Phlebotomise, Phlebotomize : draw blood. "In the old days, doctors routinely bled patients as part of the treatment".

سکڑنا : Contract, Shrink : become smaller or draw together. "The fabric shrank".

دھیان ہٹانا : Deflect, Distract : draw someone`s attention away from something. "If I marry so I will be distracted because I have killed a lot of criminals in the police job so I can`t make a girl my weakness by marrying her".

دائرہ بند کرنا : Circumscribe : draw a line around. "He drew a circle around the points".

کارٹون بنانا : Cartoon : draw cartoons of.

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