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Decorate meaning in Urdu

Decorate Sentence

How this wedding stage was decorated that it fell down as more people climbed.

Decorate Synonyms

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Decorate in Detail

1 of 2) Decorate, Adorn, Beautify, Embellish, Grace, Ornament : سجانا : (verb) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.

Tell me please, who decorated it ?
Decorate the room for the party.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. Wreathe : decorate or deck with wreaths. Incrust : decorate or cover lavishly (as with gems).

2 of 2) Decorate, Adorn, Beautify, Deck, Embellish, Grace : سجا دینا : (verb) be beautiful to look at.

Related : Be : have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun).

Useful Words

Decorativeness : زیبائش : an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive.

Accompaniment, Complement : ضمیمہ : something added to complete or embellish or make perfect. "A fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner".

Mangle, Murder, Mutilate : مسخ کردینا : alter so as to make unrecognizable. "The tourists murdered the French language".

Doctor, Doctor Up, Sophisticate : ملاوٹ کرنا : alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive. "He doctor up the milk".

Mollify, Season, Temper : سختی کم کرنا : make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate. "She tempered her criticism".

Enhance : پرکشش اور بہتر بنانا : make better or more attractive. "This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat".

Recommend : کسی کو قابل قبول بنانا : make attractive or acceptable. "Honesty recommends any person".

Dress Up, Window-Dress : سجانا : make something appear superficially attractive. "The researcher tried to dress up the uninteresting data".

Endear : پیارا بنانا : make attractive or lovable. "This behavior endeared her to me".

Decoration, Ornament, Ornamentation : سجاوٹ کی چیز : something used to beautify.

Personableness : خوبصورتی : the complex of attributes that make a person socially attractive. "Lack of personableness".

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