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Depopulate meaning in Urdu

Depopulate Sentence

The epidemic depopulated the countryside.

Depopulate Synonym

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Depopulate in Detail

1) Depopulate, Desolate : آبادی گھٹانا : (verb) reduce in population.

Related : Shrink : reduce in size; reduce physically.

Useful Words

Reduce, Shrink : چھوٹا کر دینا : reduce in size; reduce physically. "Hot water will shrink the sweater".

Expense, Write Down, Write Off : کسی چیز کی قدر کم کرنا : reduce the estimated value of something. "For tax purposes you can write off the laser printer".

Choke, Throttle : ہوا کا دباو کم کرنا : reduce the air supply. "Choke a carburetor".

Bankrupt, Break, Ruin, Smash : دیوالیہ کر نا : reduce to bankruptcy. "My daughter's fancy wedding is going to break me!".

Laicise, Laicize : غیر مذہبی ہونا : reduce to lay status. "Laicize the parochial schools".

Mark Down : قیمت کم کرنا : reduce the price of.

Cremate : جلا کر خاک کردینا : reduce to ashes. "Cremate a corpse".

Bridge, Bridge Over : ملانا : connect or reduce the distance between.

Ease Off, Ease Up, Let Up : ڈھیلا چھوڑنا : reduce pressure or intensity. "He eased up the accelerator and the car slowed down".

Degrade : درجہ گھٹانا : reduce the level of land, as by erosion.

Degrade, Demean, Disgrace, Put Down, Take Down : رسوا کرنا : reduce in worth or character, usually verbally. "She tends to put down younger women colleagues".

Cheapen, Degrade : گھٹانا : lower the grade of something; reduce its worth.

Lighten : وزن کم کرنا : reduce the weight on; make lighter. "She lightened the load on the tired donkey".

Break, Bump, Demote, Kick Downstairs, Relegate : درجہ کم کرنا : assign to a lower position; reduce in rank. "She was demoted because she always speaks up".

Abbreviate, Abridge, Contract, Cut, Foreshorten, Reduce, Shorten : خلاصہ کرنا : reduce in scope while retaining essential elements. "Abbreviate 7 little words".

De-Escalate, Step Down, Weaken : بتدریج کم ہونا : reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of. "De-escalate a crisis".

Melt, Melt Down, Run : پگھلنا : reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating. "Melt butter".

Schematize : ترتیب دینا : formulate in regular order; to reduce to a scheme or formula. "The chemists schematized the various reactions in a coherent fashion".

Antianxiety Drug, Anxiolytic, Anxiolytic Drug, Minor Tranquilizer, Minor Tranquilliser, Minor Tranquillizer : زہنی دباو دور کرنے کی دوا : a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability. "She took anxiolytic drug".

Bray, Comminute, Crunch, Grind, Mash : پیسنا : reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading. "Grind the spices in a mortar".

Simplify : سادہ کرنا : make simpler or easier or reduce in complexity or extent. "We had to simplify the instructions".

Redundancy : دہرانے کا عمل : repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors in transmission.

Airbrake, Dive Brake : طیارہ کا پیراشوٹ : a small parachute or articulated flap to reduce the speed of an aircraft. "He opened dive brake timely".

Conscience Money : کفارہ : payment made voluntarily to reduce guilt over dishonest dealings.

Ice Bag, Ice Pack : برف کا تھیلا : a waterproof bag filled with ice: applied to the body (especially the head) to cool or reduce swelling.

Shorten : مختصر کرنا : make shorter than originally intended; reduce or retrench in length or duration. "He shortened his trip due to illness".

Agrobacterium, Genus Agrobacterium : پودوں کا کیڑا : small motile bacterial rods that can reduce nitrates and cause galls on plant stems.

Shelterbelt, Windbreak : ہوا روکنے کے لئے درختوں کی باڑ : hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion.

Muffler, Silencer : آواز روک آلہ : a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise.

Narcotic : نشہ آور دوا : a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction. "He should avoid narcotic".

Quench : گھٹانا : reduce the degree of (luminescence or phosphorescence) in (excited molecules or a material) by adding a suitable substance.