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Detailed meaning in Urdu

Detailed Sentence

A detailed plan.

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Detailed Definitions

1) Detailed, Elaborate, Elaborated : تفصیلی, مفصل : (satellite adjective) developed or executed with care and in minute detail.

Useful Words

Plain : سادہ , Flowery : مزین , Magnetic Resonance Imaging : مرض کی تشخیص کے لئے کیا جانے والا ٹیسٹ , Anatomy : گہرا تجزیہ , Study : مطالعہ , Recital : بیان , Narrate : کسی کہانی وغیرہ کی تفصیل سنانا , Inventory : تجارتی سامان کی فہرست , Lay Out : بیان کرنا , Briefing : ہدایات , Monograph : یک موضوعی رسالہ , Circumstantial : تفصیلی , High-Resolution : اعلی ریزولوشن , Topography : تفصیلی جغرافیائی مطالعہ , Spec : تفصیل , Guideline : منصوبہ , Tomograph : ایکسرے مشین , Tactics : جنگی چالیں , Casebook : کتاب المرضی , Scrutinise : جائزہ لینا , Abul-Walid Mohammed Ibn-Ahmad Ibn-Mohammed Ibn-Roshd : ابن رشد , Dossier : کسی شخص کے بارے میں مفصل معلومات لیے ہوۓ دستاویزات کا مجموعہ , Ct Scan : سی ٹی اسکین , Conceptualisation : تصور پزیری , Utilitarianism : افادیت پسندی , Stateliness : عمدگی , Develop : وضع کرنا , Aria : نغمہ , Scheme : منصوبہ , High Mass : عیسائیوں کا موسیقی کے ساتھ دعا کرنا , Intricate : پیچیدہ

Useful Words Definitions

Plain: not elaborate or elaborated; simple.

Flowery: marked by elaborate rhetoric and elaborated with decorative details.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a medical imaging technique that uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to generate detailed images of the internal structures of the body. MRI provides a non-invasive way to visualize organs, tissues, and other structures in great detail, helping in the diagnosis and evaluation of various medical conditions..

Anatomy: a detailed analysis.

Study: a detailed critical inspection.

Recital: a detailed account or description of something.

Narrate: narrate or give a detailed account of.

Inventory: a detailed list of all the items in stock.

Lay Out: provide a detailed plan or design.

Briefing: detailed instructions, as for a military operation.

Monograph: a detailed and documented treatise on a particular subject.

Circumstantial: fully detailed and specific about particulars.

High-Resolution: producing images that are sharp and finely detailed.

Topography: precise detailed study of the surface features of a region.

Spec: a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work.

Guideline: a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action.

Tomograph: X-ray machine in which a computer builds a detailed image of a particular plane through an object from multiple X-ray measurements.

Tactics: the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy.

Casebook: a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work.

Scrutinise: to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail.

Abul-Walid Mohammed Ibn-Ahmad Ibn-Mohammed Ibn-Roshd: Arabian philosopher born in Spain; wrote detailed commentaries on Aristotle that were admired by the Schoolmen (1126-1198).

Dossier: a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person`s record).

Ct Scan: A CT scan, also known as a computed tomography scan or CAT scan (computed axial tomography), is a medical imaging procedure that uses X-rays and computer processing to create detailed cross-sectional images of the body. It provides valuable information about internal organs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels, allowing for the diagnosis and evaluation of various medical conditions..

Conceptualisation: an elaborated concept.

Utilitarianism: doctrine that the useful is the good; especially as elaborated by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill; the aim was said to be the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

Stateliness: an elaborate manner of doing something.

Develop: elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses.

Aria: an elaborate song for solo voice.

Scheme: an elaborate and systematic plan of action.

High Mass: a solemn and elaborate Mass with music.

Intricate: having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate.

Related Words

Careful : محتاط

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