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Dictate meaning in Urdu

Dictate Sentences

You can`t dictate to me.
He dictated a report to his secretary.

Dictate Synonyms


Dictate Definitions

1 of 2) Dictate, Order, Prescribe : حکم جاری کرنا, ہدایت دینا : (verb) issue commands or orders for.

2 of 2) Dictate : کہہ کر لکھوانا : (verb) say out loud for the purpose of recording.

Useful Words

Oculist : آنکھ کا طبیب , Subdeacon : نائب ڈیکن , Ruler : حاکم , Abide By : ماننا , Obedient : فرمانبردار , Accessory Before The Fact : جرم کروانے والا , Negativeness : منفیت , Supposed : لازمی , Cut : جاری کرنا , Decree : حکم جاری کرنا , Edition : شمارہ , Enjoin : حکم دینا , Challenge : للکارنا , Reissue : دوبارہ جاری کرنا , Hand : طرف , Cursor : مقام کی نشاندہی کرنے والا , Force : حکم ماننے والوں کا گروہ , Churchman : پادری , Acquiescent : دوسرے کی ماننا , Ensue : نتیجہ نکلنا , Bet : داو پر لگانا , Afield : نکتے سے دور , Authorisation : اختیار , Discalceate : ننگے پاوٴں , Quodlibet : سنجیدہ بحث , Irrelevant : غیر متعلقہ , Relevant : متعلقہ , Submissive : مان جانے والا , Bring Out : شائع کرنا , Arbiter : قاضی , Carry Out : کسی نتیجے پر پہنچا کر دم لینا

Useful Words Definitions

Oculist: a person skilled in testing for defects of vision in order to prescribe corrective glasses.

Subdeacon: a clergyman an order below deacon; one of the Holy Orders in the unreformed western Christian church and the eastern Catholic Churches but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church.

Ruler: a person who rules or commands.

Abide By: act in accordance with someone`s rules, commands, or wishes.

Obedient: dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority.

Accessory Before The Fact: a person who procures or advises or commands the commission of a felony but who is not present at its perpetration.

Negativeness: characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands.

Supposed: required or under orders.

Cut: make out and issue.

Decree: issue a decree.

Edition: an issue of a newspaper.

Enjoin: issue an injunction.

Challenge: issue a challenge to.

Reissue: issue (a new version of).

Hand: one of two sides of an issue.

Cursor: (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions.

Force: group of people willing to obey orders.

Churchman: a clergyman or other person in religious orders.

Acquiescent: willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest.

Ensue: issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end.

Bet: stake on the outcome of an issue.

Afield: off the subject; beyond the point at issue.

Authorisation: the power or right to give orders or make decisions.

Discalceate: (used of certain religious orders) barefoot or wearing only sandals.

Quodlibet: an issue that is presented for formal disputation.

Irrelevant: having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue.

Relevant: having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue.

Submissive: inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination.

Bring Out: prepare and issue for public distribution or sale.

Arbiter: someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue.

Carry Out: pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue.

Related Words

Bring Down : غصہ اتارنا