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Directly meaning in Urdu

Directly Sentences

He didn`t answer directly.
These two factors are directly related.

Directly Synonyms

Directly in Detail

1 of 3) Directly : براہ راست : (adverb) without anyone or anything intervening.

He was directly responsible.
Measured the physical properties directly.


2 of 3) Directly, At Once, Forthwith, Immediately, Instantly, Like A Shot, Now, Right Away, Straight Off, Straightaway : فوری, فوری طور پر, فی الفور : (adverb) without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening.

3 of 3) Directly, Flat, Straight : سیدھی طرح : (adverb) in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly.

Useful Words

Adjacent, Next, Side By Side : اگلا : nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space. "Had adjacent rooms".

Interlude : درمیانی واقعہ : an intervening period or episode.

Over : ادھر : at or to a point across intervening space etc.. "Come over and see us some time".

Intercession, Intervention : مداخلت : the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.). "Intervention will not be allowed here".

Ad Interim : فی الوقت : for an intervening time; temporarily. "Elected to serve ad interim".

Intermediation, Mediation : مصالحت : the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement. "Have you ever used third-party mediation?".

Indirect : بالواسطہ : having intervening factors or persons or influences. "Reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light".

Direct, Unmediated : بلاواسطہ : having no intervening persons, agents, conditions. "In direct sunlight".

Interference, Intervention : خلل اندازی : a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries.

Hereupon : اس کے فوراً بعد : immediately after this. "Hereupon, the passengers stumbled aboard".

Right : فوراً : immediately. "She called right after dinner".

At First Glance, At First Sight : نظر پڑنے ہی : immediately. "It was love at first sight".

Eve : ذرا پہلے : the period immediately before something. "On the eve of the French Revolution".

Yesterday : گزرا ہوا کل : the day immediately before today. "How did your class go yesterday?".

Crepuscle, Crepuscule, Dusk, Evenfall, Fall, Gloam, Gloaming, Nightfall, Twilight : مغرب کا وقت : the time of day immediately following sunset. "This occurs normally after gloam".

Interpretation, Interpreting, Rendering, Rendition : تشریح : an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious. "The edict was subject to many interpretations".

Postnatal, Postpartum : بچے کی ولادت کے بعد : occurring immediately after birth. "Postpartum bleeding".

Following, Next : اگلا : immediately following in time or order. "The following day".

Recency, Recentness : حالیہ : a time immediately before the present.

Bugger Off, Buzz Off, Fuck Off, Get, Scram : دفع ہوجانا : leave immediately; used usually in the imperative form. "Buzz off he is sleeping".

Air Space, Airspace : فضا : the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth.

Due : واجب الادا رقم : owed and payable immediately or on demand. "Payment is due".

Tonight : آج رات : the present or immediately coming night.

Subconsciousness : تحت الشعور : a state of mind not immediately available to consciousness.

Adscript : ملفوظ : written or printed immediately following another character and aligned with it.

Wall Rock : دھاتی چٹانیں : a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault.

Recovery Room : کمرہ بحالی صحت : a hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery.

Due : سیدھا : directly or exactly; straight. "Went due North".

Face-To-Face, Opposite : روبرو : directly facing each other. "The two photographs lay face-to-face on the table".

Mark, Sign : آثار : a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened). "He showed signs of strain".

Prepubertal, Prepubescent : بلوغت سے پہلے : (especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty; often marked by accelerated growth.

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