Disentanglement Disentangle Disengagement Disengage Disenfranchised Disenfranchise Disencumber Disenchantment Disestablish Disestablishment Disesteem Disfavor Disfavour Disfiguration Disfigure Disfigurement Disforest Disfranchise Disfranchised Disfranchisement

Disestablish meaning in Urdu

Disestablish Definitions

1) Disestablish : کسی نظام کو ختم کر دینا : (verb) deprive (an established church) of its status.


Useful Words

Precedence : فوقیت , Disestablishment : خاتمہ انتظام , Separationist : علیحدگی پسند , Eusebius Hieronymus : ہرونیمس عیسائی پیشوا , Attainder : تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص , Congregationalism : گرجاوں کاخود مختار نظام , High Anglican Church : کیتھولک مثل اینگلیکن چرچ , Acolyte : پادری کا مددگار , Bunco : ٹھگنا , Cripple : اپاہج ہونا , Cheat : ہتھیا لینا , Expropriate : بے دخل کرنا , Tongue-Tie : لکنت , Demonetise : اسقاط زر کرنا , Kill : جان لینا , Famish : کھانے کی کمی ہونا , Devaluate : قدر کم کرنا , Bereave : موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جانا , Intern : نظر بند کرنا , Confine : قید کرنا , Disenfranchise : حق راۓ دہی سے محروم کرنا , Father : پادری , Subdeacon : نائب ڈیکن , Dispossess : بے دخل کرنا , Asphyxiate : دم گہونٹنا , Cripple : کمزور کرنا , Ablactate : دودھ چھڑانا , Gregory : پوپ ہیلڈی برانڈ , Dignify : عزت دینا , Peer Group : یکساں درجے والے , Laicise : غیر مذہبی ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Precedence: status established in order of importance or urgency.

Disestablishment: the act terminating an established state of affairs; especially ending a connection with the Church of England.

Separationist: an advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union).

Eusebius Hieronymus: (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian Church whose major work was his translation of the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into Latin (which became the Vulgate); a saint and Doctor of the Church (347-420).

Attainder: the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.

Congregationalism: system of beliefs and church government of a Protestant denomination in which each member church is self-governing.

High Anglican Church: a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority).

Acolyte: someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service; a cleric ordained in the highest of the minor orders in the Roman Catholic Church but not in the Anglican Church or the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Bunco: deprive of by deceit.

Cripple: deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg.

Cheat: deprive somebody of something by deceit.

Expropriate: deprive of possessions.

Tongue-Tie: deprive of speech.

Demonetise: deprive of value for payment.

Kill: deprive of life.

Famish: deprive of food.

Devaluate: remove the value from; deprive of its value.

Bereave: deprive through death.

Intern: deprive of freedom.

Confine: deprive of freedom; take into confinement.

Disenfranchise: deprive of voting rights.

Father: `Father' is a term of address for priests in some churches (especially the Roman Catholic Church or the Orthodox Catholic Church); `Padre' is frequently used in the military.

Subdeacon: a clergyman an order below deacon; one of the Holy Orders in the unreformed western Christian church and the eastern Catholic Churches but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church.

Dispossess: deprive of the possession of real estate.

Asphyxiate: deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing.

Cripple: deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless.

Ablactate: gradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother`s milk.

Gregory: the Italian pope who fought to establish the supremacy of the pope over the Roman Catholic Church and the supremacy of the church over the state (1020-1085).

Dignify: raise the status of.

Peer Group: contemporaries of the same status.

Laicise: reduce to lay status.

Related Words

Deprive : دور کرنا