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Endorsement   Meaning in Urdu

1. Endorsement - Countenance - Imprimatur - Indorsement - Sanction - Warrant : توثیق - منظوری : (noun) formal and explicit approval.

A Democrat gets the union`s Endorsement.
We need endorsement.

Approval, Commendation - a message expressing a favorable opinion.

Endorsement in Book Titles

Prepare an Endorsement to a Military Letter.
Celebrity Endorsement.
Individual Endorsement of Remarriage Beliefs, Consistency of Cognitions Between Spouses, and Outcomes in Remarriage.

Useful Words

Approval - Approving - Blessing : منظوری : the formal act of approving. "He gave the project his blessing"

Explicit - Expressed : واضح : precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication. "Explicit instructions"

Courtly - Formal - Stately : پرتکلف : refined or imposing in manner or appearance. "Don`t be formal"

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