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Express meaning in Urdu

Express Sentences

We went to Quetta by shalimar express.
Ali`s mobile balance was automatically depleted He called the helpline and expressed his hatred by uttering such a filthy abuses.

Express Synonyms


Express Definitions

1 of 8) Express, Express Mail : تیز ترسیل : (noun) mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.

I got a job in Express news.

2 of 8) Express, Evince, Show : ظاہر کرنا : (verb) give expression to.

3 of 8) Express, Limited : پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ : (noun) public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops.

He caught the express to New York.

4 of 8) Express, Give Tongue To, Utter, Verbalise, Verbalize : اظہار کرنا, کہنا : (verb) articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.

She expressed her anger.

5 of 8) Express, Expressage : تیز ترسیل : (noun) rapid transport of goods.

6 of 8) Express, Carry, Convey : ظاہر کرنا : (verb) serve as a means for expressing something.

7 of 8) Express, State : علامت کے ذریعے بتانا : (verb) indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.

Can you express this distance in kilometers?

8 of 8) Express, Extract, Press Out : دبا کر نکالنا : (verb) obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action.

Italians express coffee rather than filter it.

Useful Words

Pony Express : ڈاک کا ایک نظام , Object : اعتراض کرنا , Gesticulate : اشارہ کرنا , Give Thanks : شکریہ ادا کرنا , Acataphasia : اظہار نہ کر پانے کی بیماری , Greet : سلام کرنا , Say : بتانا , Salute : سلام پیش کرنا , Congratulate : مبارک باد دینا , Mouth : بولنا , Oppose : مخالفت کرنا , Formularise : فارمولے کی شکل میں ڈھالنا , Bespeak : طلب کرنا , Exuberate : باغ باغ ہونا , Reproach : ملامت کرنا , Articulate : صاف طور سے اظہار کرنا , Regret : افسوس سے کہنا , Smile : مسکرانا , Repine : کڑھنا , Wish : چاہنا , Praise : حوصلہ افزائی کرنا , Commend : تجویز کرنا , Applaud : سراہنا , Connote : اشارتاً کہنا , Belittle : نفی کرنا , Condemn : مذمت کرنا , Commend : تعریف کرنا , Hiss : ناگواری سے کہنا , Deplore : غصے کرنا , Acknowledge : شکریہ ادا کرنا , Paraphrase : تشریح کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Pony Express: express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860.

Object: express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent.

Gesticulate: show, express or direct through movement.

Give Thanks: express gratitude or show appreciation to.

Acataphasia: a disorder in which a lesion to the central nervous system leaves you unable to formulate a statement or to express yourself in an organized manner.

Greet: express greetings upon meeting someone.

Say: express in words.

Salute: express commendation of.

Congratulate: express congratulations.

Mouth: express in speech.

Oppose: be against; express opposition to.

Formularise: express as a formula.

Bespeak: express the need or desire for; ask for.

Exuberate: to express great joy.

Reproach: express criticism towards.

Articulate: express or state clearly.

Regret: express with regret.

Smile: express with a smile.

Repine: express discontent.

Wish: make or express a wish.

Praise: express approval of.

Commend: express approval of.

Applaud: express approval of.

Connote: express or state indirectly.

Belittle: express a negative opinion of.

Condemn: express strong disapproval of.

Commend: express a good opinion of.

Hiss: express or utter with a hiss.

Deplore: express strong disapproval of.

Acknowledge: express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for.

Paraphrase: express the same message in different words.

Related Words

Mail : ڈاک بیجھنا , Sneer : حقارت آمیز مسکراہٹ , Measure : تعین کرنا , Communicate : سمجھانا , Blaspheme : گالی دینا , Call Out : پکارنا , Shout Out : بلند آواز سے کہنا , Convey : پیغام پہنچانا , Burst Out : جذبات پھوٹ پڑنا , Evoke : یاد تازہ کرنا , Imply : دلالی کرنا , Breathe : کہنا , Articulate : اظہار کرنا , Ream : پھلوں کا رس نکالنا , Acquire : پانا

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