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Fellow Member meaning in Urdu

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Fellow Member Definitions

1) Fellow Member, Member : رکن : (noun) one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization).


Useful Words

Brother : ساتھی , Mate : ساتھی , Homegirl : نئی غنڈی , Homeboy : نیا غنڈا , Co-Opt : منتخب کرنا , Fall In : جوڑنا , Belong : تعلق ہونا , Dean : کسی تنظیم کا رکن , Foreigner : باہر کا , Head : سربراہ ہونا , Doyenne : کسی جماعت کی مقدم رکن عورت , Convener : مجلس بلانے والا شخص , Technocrat : اشرافیہ کا رکن , Patroller : پہرا دینے والا , Code Of Behavior : ضابطہ , Black Muslim : سیاہ فام مسلمان , Hitchiti : ہچیتی لوگ , Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf : انگریز مصنف , Monotype : اپنے گروہ کا واحد رکن , Bolshevik : اشتراکیت روس کا پیروکار , Active : کسی پارٹی کا سرگرم رکن , Arthur Honegger : سوسوئس موسیقار , Social Unit : گروہ , Society : معاشرہ , Elite : ممتاز اشخاص , A-Team : اعلی درجے کے لوگ , Bully : غنڈا , Loon : بیکار سست ساتھی , Brick : مخلص ساتھی , Company Man : وفادار ملازم , Communal : گروہی

Useful Words Definitions

Brother: a male person who is a fellow member (of a fraternity or religion or other group).

Mate: a fellow member of a team.

Homegirl: a fellow female member of a youth gang.

Homeboy: a fellow male member of a youth gang.

Co-Opt: choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague.

Fall In: become part of; become a member of a group or organization.

Belong: be a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (of a group, organization, or place).

Dean: a man who is the senior member of a group.

Foreigner: someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group.

Head: be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel.

Doyenne: a woman who is the senior member of a group.

Convener: the member of a group whose duty it is to convene meetings.

Technocrat: an expert who is a member of a highly skilled elite group.

Patroller: someone on patrol duty; an individual or a member of a group that patrols an area.

Code Of Behavior: a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group.

Black Muslim: an activist member of a largely American group of Blacks called the Nation of Islam.

Hitchiti: a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Georgia; a member of the Creek Confederacy.

Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf: English author whose work used such techniques as stream of consciousness and the interior monologue; prominent member of the Bloomsbury Group (1882-1941).

Monotype: (biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus).

Bolshevik: a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party.

Active: a person who is a participating member of an organization.

Arthur Honegger: Swiss composer (born in France) who was the founding member of a group in Paris that included Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau (1892-1955).

Social Unit: an organization regarded as part of a larger social group.

Society: an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization.

Elite: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.

A-Team: a group of elite soldiers or a leadership group of advisors or workers in an organization.

Bully: a cruel and brutal fellow.

Loon: a worthless lazy fellow.

Brick: a good fellow; helpful and trustworthy.

Company Man: an employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers.

Communal: for or by a group rather than individuals.

Related Words

Associate : شریک , Commissioner : کسی وفد کا رکن , Committee Member : کمیٹی کا رکن , Council Member : شوری کا کن

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