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Finger Millet meaning in Urdu

Finger Millet Sentence

Finger millet good for health function.

Finger Millet Synonyms


Finger Millet Definitions

1) Finger Millet, African Millet, Coracan, Corakan, Eleusine Coracana, Kurakkan, Ragee, Ragi : ایک قسم کا باجرہ : (noun) East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient.

Useful Words

Cereal : غلہ , Middle Finger : درمیانی انگلی , Rye : رائی , Caryopsis : اناج , Benne : تلوں کا پودا , Corn : مکئی , Digitate : پنجہ نما , Forefinger : انگوٹھے کے ساتھ والی انگلی , Annualry : بائیں ہاتھ کی تیسری انگلی , Little Finger : چھنگلی , Knuckle : انگلی کا جوڑ , Digit : انگلی کی چوڑائی , Pizzicato : موسیقی کے آلے کے تاروں کو انگلیوں سے چھیڑ کر بجنے والا , Ladyfinger : ایک قسم کا کیک , Dactyl : پیر ہاتھ کی انگلی , Clipper : قینچی , Chanter : شہنائی , Snap : چٹکی , Fipple Flute : بانسری نما , Ocarina : انڈے نما باجا , Band : چھلا , Snap : چٹکی , Wheat : گندم , Bran : بہوسی , Millet : باجرا , Thimble : دھات کی بنی ہوئی گھنٹی کی شکل کی ٹوپی , Flute : بانسری , Cola Nut : ایک درخت کا بیج , Seeder : بیج بونے والی مشین , Rye : رائی کا پودا , Common Horehound : خوشبودار پھولوں والی جڑی بوٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Cereal: grass whose starchy grains are used as food: wheat; rice; rye; oats; maize; buckwheat; millet.

Middle Finger: the second finger; between the index finger and the ring finger.

Rye: the seed of the cereal grass.

Caryopsis: dry seed-like fruit produced by the cereal grasses: e.g. wheat, barley, Indian corn.

Benne: East Indian annual erect herb; source of sesame seed or benniseed and sesame oil.

Corn: tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears: widely cultivated in America in many varieties; the principal cereal in Mexico and Central and South America since pre-Columbian times.

Digitate: resembling a finger.

Forefinger: the finger next to the thumb.

Annualry: the third finger (especially of the left hand).

Little Finger: the finger farthest from the thumb.

Knuckle: a joint of a finger when the fist is closed.

Digit: the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure.

Pizzicato: (of instruments in the violin family) to be plucked with the finger.

Ladyfinger: small finger-shaped sponge cake.

Dactyl: a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates.

Clipper: scissors for cutting hair or finger nails (often used in the plural).

Chanter: reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played.

Snap: the act of snapping the fingers; movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand.

Fipple Flute: a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece.

Ocarina: egg-shaped terra cotta wind instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes.

Band: jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger.

Snap: the noise produced by the rapid movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand.

Wheat: grains of common wheat; sometimes cooked whole or cracked as cereal; usually ground into flour.

Bran: broken husks of the seeds of cereal grains that are separated from the flour by sifting.

Millet: small seed of any of various annual cereal grasses especially Setaria italica.

Thimble: a small metal cap to protect the finger while sewing; can be used as a small container.

Flute: a high-pitched woodwind instrument; a slender tube closed at one end with finger holes on one end and an opening near the closed end across which the breath is blown.

Cola Nut: bitter brown seed containing caffein; source of cola extract.

Seeder: a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground.

Rye: hardy annual cereal grass widely cultivated in northern Europe where its grain is the chief ingredient of black bread and in North America for forage and soil improvement.

Common Horehound: European aromatic herb with hairy leaves and numerous white flowers in axillary cymes; leaves yield a bitter extract use medicinally and as flavoring.

Related Words

Millet : باجرہ

Close Words

Finger : انگلی , Finger Bowl : ہاتھ دہونے والا پیالہ , Finger Grass : جنگلی گھاس

Close Words Definitions

Finger: any of the terminal members of the hand (sometimes excepting the thumb).

Finger Bowl: small bowl for rinsing the fingers at table.

Finger Grass: grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns.

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