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Flakey Meaning in Urdu

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1. Flakey - Flaky : چھلکے جیسا بنا ہوا : (adjective) made of or resembling flakes.

2. Flakey - Bizarre - Eccentric - Flaky - Freakish - Freaky - Gonzo - Off-The-Wall - Outlandish - Outre : بے تکا - بے ڈھنگا : conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual.

Unconventional - not conventional or conformist.

Related Words

Ack-Ack - Ack-Ack Gun - Antiaircraft - Antiaircraft Gun - Flack - Flak - Pom-Pom : طیارہ شکن توپ : artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes.

Attack - Blast - Fire - Flack - Flak : سخت تنقید : intense adverse criticism. "Don`t give me any flak"

Useful Words

Conspicuously - Prominently : نمایاں طور پر : in a prominent way. "The new car was prominently displayed in the driveway"

Flake - Snowflake : برف کا گولا : a crystal of snow.

Grossly : کلی طور پر : in a gross manner.

Made : بنایا ہوا : produced by a manufacturing process. "Bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails"

Unconventional : غیر روایتی : not conforming to accepted rules or standards. "Her unconventional dress and hair style"

Unusual : غیر معمولی : not usual or common or ordinary. "A scene of unusual beauty"