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Flat Bread meaning in Urdu

Flat Bread Sentence

I will have flat bread.

Flat Bread in Detail

1) Flat Bread : چپاتی : (noun) A simple bread made with flour, water, and salt and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough.

Three Flat breads with curry.

Useful Words

Bread, Breadstuff, Staff Of Life : روٹی : food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked. "Did you have bread?".

Bread And Butter, Keep, Livelihood, Living, Support, Sustenance : روزی روٹی : the financial means whereby one lives. "He is working hard for bread and butter".

Bread Line, Breadline : مفت کھانا لینے والوں کی قطار : a queue of people waiting for free food.

Baker, Bread Maker : نانبائی : someone who bakes bread or cake.

Bread-Bin, Breadbox : روٹی یا کیک رکھنے والا ڈبہ : a container used to keep bread or cake in.

Brown Bread, Dark Bread, Whole Meal Bread, Whole Wheat Bread : چکی کی روٹی : bread made with whole wheat flour.

Common Flat Pea, Native Holly, Playlobium Obtusangulum : زرد پھولوں والی آسٹریلوی بوٹی : low spreading evergreen shrub of southern Australia having triangular to somewhat heart-shaped foliage and orange-yellow flowers followed by flat winged pods.

Common Wood Sorrel, Cuckoo Bread, Oxalis Acetosella, Shamrock : اقصلیس : Eurasian plant with heart-shaped trifoliate leaves and white purple-veined flowers.

Fall Flat, Fall Through, Flop, Founder : بے نتیجہ رہنا : fail utterly; collapse. "The project foundered".

Bland, Flat : بے تکا : lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting. "It`s a bland little film".

Flat Knot, Reef Knot : بادبانچہ : a square knot used in a reef line.

Bluffly, Bluntly, Brusquely, Flat Out, Roundly : کھل کر : in a blunt direct manner. "Speak bluntly".

Flat-Hat, Hedgehop : نچلی پرواز کرنا : fly very close to the ground. "An owl went past hedgehoping and disappeared into the fog".

Hottentot Bread, Hottentot's Bread : پودے کی جڑ : thick edible rootstock of elephant`s-foot.

Dioscorea Elephantipes, Elephant's-Foot, Hottentot Bread Vine, Hottentot's Bread Vine, Tortoise Plant : جنوبی افریقی پودا : South African vine having a massive rootstock covered with deeply fissured bark.

Loaf, Loaf Of Bread : ڈبل روٹی یا روٹی کا ٹکڑا : a shaped mass of baked bread that is usually sliced before eating.

Monkey Bread, Sour Gourd : کدو سے مشابہ خوردنی پھل : African gourd-like fruit with edible pulp.

Adansonia Digitata, Baobab, Monkey-Bread Tree : باؤباب درخت : African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread.

Hardtack, Pilot Biscuit, Pilot Bread, Sea Biscuit, Ship Biscuit : سخت پھیکا بسکٹ : very hard unsalted biscuit or bread; a former ship's staple.

Quick Bread : فوری روٹی : breads made with a leavening agent that permits immediate baking.

Railroad Flat : لمبا کمرہ یا گھر : an apartment whose rooms are all in a line with doors between them.

Brussels Biscuit, Rusk, Twice-Baked Bread, Zwieback : پاپا : slice of sweet raised bread baked again until it is brown and hard and crisp.

White-Bread : سفید فام سے تعلق رکھنے والا : of or belonging to or representative of the white middle class. "White-bread America".

Pizza, Pizza Pie : پیزہ : Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e.g. tomato sauce and cheese. "Who ordered pizza?".

Sourdough : پرانا : a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active; used by pioneers for making bread.

Simnel : اعلی قسم کے گندمی میدے کی روٹی : a crisp bread of fine white flour.

Barm, Yeast : خمیرہ : a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells; used to raise the dough in making bread and for fermenting beer or whiskey.

Rolled Biscuit : ایک قسم کے بسکٹ : biscuit made from dough rolled and cut.

Pastry, Pastry Dough : پیسٹری : a dough of flour and water and shortening. "Do you like pastry of this bakery?".

Club Sandwich, Three-Decker, Triple-Decker : سہ پرتی سینڈوچ : made with three slices of usually toasted bread.

Library Paste, Paste : ایک چپکنے والی چیز : an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard.

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