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1) Founding Father, Beginner, Father, Founder : بانی : (noun) a person who founds or establishes some institution.

Related : Cofounder : one of a group of founders. Colonizer : someone who helps to found a colony. Originator : someone who creates new things.

Useful Words

Apostelic Father, Apostle : رسول : any important early teacher of Christianity or a Christian missionary to a people.

Begetter, Father, Male Parent : ابا : a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father). "My father has been working in this building".

Father Christmas, Kriss Kringle, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Santa, Santa Claus, St. Nick : ایک فرضی شخص : the legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas.

Father-In-Law : دلہا یا دلہن کے والد : the father of your spouse. "His father-in-law gifted him a new bike".

Creation, Foundation, Founding, Initiation, Innovation, Instauration, Institution, Introduction, Origination : بنیاد : the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new. "She looked forward to her initiation as an adult".

Bishop Of Rome, Catholic Pope, Holy Father, Pontiff, Pope, Roman Catholic Pope, Vicar Of Christ : رومن کیتھولک پادری : the head of the Roman Catholic Church. "He met with the holy father".

Patricide : اپنے باپ کو قتل کرنے والا : a person who murders their father.

Patronym, Patronymic : آبائی لقب : a family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor).

Gramps, Grandad, Granddad, Granddaddy, Grandfather, Grandpa : نانا : the father of your father or mother. "He goes for a morning walk with his grandfather".

Fatherless : بن باپ کے : having no living father.

Paternal Aunt : پھپھی : sister of your father. "She is too attached to her paternal aunt".

Paternity : باپ ہونے کی حقیقت : the state of being a father. "Tests were conducted to determine paternity".

Great Grandfather : پر دادا : a father of your grandparent.

Grandaunt, Great-Aunt : دادی خالہ : an aunt of your father or mother.

Agnate, Agnatic, Paternal : باپ دادا کی طرف سے : related on the father's side. "A paternal aunt".

Agnate, Patrikin, Patrilineal Kin, Patrilineal Sib, Patrisib : جدی رشتہ دار : one related on the father's side.

Paternal : آبائی : belonging to or inherited from one`s father. "This is our paternal village".

Parricide : باپ یا ماں کا قاتل : the murder of your own father or mother.

Granduncle, Great-Uncle : ماں باپ کے انکل : an uncle of your father or mother.

Grandparent : آپ کے ماں باپ کے والدین : a parent of your father or mother.

Genitor : والد والدہ : a natural father or mother.

Stepmother : سوتیلی ماں : the wife of your father by a subsequent marriage. "Her stepmother does not behave good with her".

Fatherhood, Paternity : والدیت : the kinship relation between an offspring and the father.

Posthumous Birth : باپ کے مرنے کے بعد بچہ کی پیدائش : birth of a child after the father has died.

Blessed Trinity, Holy Trinity, Sacred Trinity, Trinity : تثلیث : the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead. "Jews and Muslims reject Christians belief of Holy Trinity".

Uncle : چچا : the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt. "Uncle, is Ali there?".

Aunt, Auntie, Aunty : خالہ : the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle. "My aunt is sleeping".

Fatherlike, Fatherly : شفیق : like or befitting a father or fatherhood; kind and protective.

Dad, Dada, Daddy, Pa, Papa, Pappa, Pop : پا پا : an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk. "I wore my dad`s shirt".

Hippocrates : یونانی علاج کا بانی : Greek medical practitioner who is regarded as the father of medicine; author of the Hippocratic oath (circa 460-377 BC). "Hippocrates was a father of medicine".

Herodotus : یونانی مورخ : the ancient Greek known as the father of history; his accounts of the wars between the Greeks and Persians are the first known examples of historical writing (485-425 BC).

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