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Fragile meaning in Urdu

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Fragile Definitions

1) Fragile, Delicate, Frail : نازک : (satellite adjective) easily broken or damaged or destroyed.

The chair was fragile. As soon as she sat on the chair, the chair broke.
These porcelain tiles are fragile.+ More


Useful Words

Breakability : ٹوٹ جانے کے صلاحیت , Osteoporosis : ہڈی کی سختی , Breakable : ٹوٹ جانے کے قابل , Trance : مدہوشی , Burned : جلا ہوا , Indestructible : جو آسانی سے ختم نہ ہوسکے , Destructible : قابل تباہی , Brittleness : نزاکت , Crumbly : بھربھرا , Debris : تباہ شدہ چیز کی باقیات , Battered : سخت استعمال سے خراب , Unimpaired : بے خلل , Tree Surgery : درختوں کا علاج , Unsound : ناقص , Worn : فرسودہ , Arborist : شجری معالج , Caseous : پلپلا , Decayed : سڑا ہوا , Sabotage : تخریب کاری , Fire Sale : آگ سے خراب شدہ سامان کم قیمت پر فروخت کرنا , Entire : سالم , Delicately : صفائی سے , Daintily : نفاست سے , Light-Handed : سبکدست , Slender : نازک , Wreck : تباہ شدہ جہاز , Broken : معاشی طور پر تباہ , Annihilated : مکمل تباہ شدہ , Wrecked : تباہ شدہ , Done For : تباہ کرنا , Daintiness : نفاست

Useful Words Definitions

Breakability: quality of being easily damaged or destroyed.

Osteoporosis: abnormal loss of bony tissue resulting in fragile porous bones attributable to a lack of calcium; most common in postmenopausal women.

Breakable: capable of being broken or damaged.

Trance: a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.

Burned: destroyed or badly damaged by fire.

Indestructible: not easily destroyed.

Destructible: easily destroyed.

Brittleness: firm but easily broken.

Crumbly: easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder.

Debris: it refers to scattered fragments, wreckage, or remains of something broken, destroyed, or discarded. It often includes various types of material and objects in a state of disarray or disorder.

Battered: damaged especially by hard usage.

Unimpaired: not damaged or diminished in any respect.

Tree Surgery: treatment of damaged or decaying trees.

Unsound: not in good condition; damaged or decayed.

Worn: affected by wear; damaged by long use.

Arborist: a specialist in treating damaged trees.

Caseous: of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike.

Decayed: damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless.

Sabotage: a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged.

Fire Sale: a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire.

Entire: constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged.

Delicately: in a delicate manner.

Daintily: in a delicate manner.

Light-Handed: having a metaphorically delicate touch.

Slender: being of delicate or slender build.

Wreck: a ship that has been destroyed at sea.

Broken: destroyed financially.

Annihilated: destroyed completely.

Wrecked: destroyed in an accident.

Done For: destroyed or killed.

Daintiness: the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance.

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