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Dainty meaning in Urdu

Dainty Sentences

Dainty sofa cover.
Dainty sweet.

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Dainty in Detail

1 of 5) Dainty, Delicacy, Goody, Kickshaw, Treat : من پسند کھانے کی چیز, ذائقے میں عمدہ چیز, لذیذ کھانا : (noun) something considered choice to eat.

Related : Victuals : a source of materials to nourish the body. Titbit : a small tasty bit of food. Savoury : an aromatic or spicy dish served at the end of dinner or as an hors d'oeuvre.


2 of 5) Dainty, Mincing, Niminy-Piminy, Prim, Twee : نفیس : (satellite adjective) affectedly dainty or refined.

3 of 5) Dainty, Exquisite : اچھا, عمدہ : (satellite adjective) delicately beautiful.

A dainty teacup.

Related : Delicate : exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury.

4 of 5) Dainty : لذیذ, مزیدار : (satellite adjective) especially pleasing to the taste.

A dainty chicken boti.
A dainty dish to set before a kind.

Related : Tasty : pleasing to the sense of taste.

5 of 5) Dainty, Nice, Overnice, Prissy, Squeamish : کچھ زیادہ ہی محتاط : (satellite adjective) excessively fastidious and easily disgusted.

Useful Words

Liberty : آزادی : freedom of choice. "Liberty of opinion".

Crossroads : فیصلہ کرنے کا موقع : a point where a choice must be made. "Freud's work stands at the crossroads between psychology and neurology".

Hobson's Choice : اختیاری : the choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all. "It`s a Hobson`s choice".

Chosen : چنا ہوا : one who is the object of choice; who is given preference. "She was Mama's chosen".

Adopted, Adoptive : اختیاری : acquired as your own by free choice. "My adopted state".

Optional : اختیاری : possible but not necessary; left to personal choice.

Afterthought, Reconsideration, Rethink, Second Thought : بعد میں آنے والا خیال : thinking again about a choice previously made. "He had second thoughts about his purchase".

Selective : انتخابی : tending to select; characterized by careful choice. "An exceptionally quick and selective reader".

Regale, Treat : اچھے انداز سے خاطر تواضع کرنا : provide with choice or abundant food or drink. "Don't worry about the expensive wine--I'm treating".

Voluntary : آزادی کے ساتھ : of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled. "Man is a voluntary agent".

Volition, Will : مرضی : the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention. "It was my will".

Ballot, Balloting, Vote, Voting : رائے دہی : a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative. "Balloting in local area".

Dilemma, Quandary : تذبذب : state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options. "He is in dilemma, whether to go or not".

Common Morel, Morchella Esculenta, Sponge Morel, Sponge Mushroom : گچھی مشروم : an edible and choice morel with a globular to elongate head with an irregular pattern of pits and ridges.

Nibbler : کاٹنے والا : a biter who takes dainty repeated bites.

Gingerly : انتہائی ہوشیاری سے : with extreme care or delicacy. "They proceeded with gingerly footwork over the jagged stones".

Ethereal, Gossamer : نازک : characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy. "This smallest and most ethereal of birds".

Delicate, Finespun : نفاست سے تیار کردہ : developed with extreme delicacy and subtlety. "The satire touches with finespun ridicule every kind of human pretense".

Sweetmeat : مٹھائی : a sweetened delicacy (as a preserve or pastry).

Pretty : دلکش : pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing. "Why does it happen that black man finds a pretty girl?".

Herb : خوشبودار بوٹی : aromatic potherb used in cookery for its savory qualities.

Cappelletti, Ravioli : پنیر کی بنی ہوئی مربع شکل کی کچوری : small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings.

Canape : ٹوسٹ : an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food.

Respective, Several, Various : اپنی اپنی جگہ : considered individually. "The respective club members".

Apiece, Each, For Each One, From Each One, To Each One : فی کس : to or from every one of two or more (considered individually). "They received $10 each".

Agenda Item : کلیدی شئے : one of the items to be considered.

After All : کچھ بھی ہو : emphasizes something to be considered. "After all, she is your sister, so invite her".

Arms, Implements Of War, Munition, Weaponry, Weapons System : اسلحہ : weapons considered collectively.

Accumulation, Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection : مجموعہ : several things grouped together or considered as a whole. "Collection of old songs".

Smoker, Stag Party : مردوں کی ایک تقریب : a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only).

Ponderable : قابل غور : capable of being weighed or considered. "Something ponderable from the outer world--something of which we can say that its weight is so and so".