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Gestate   Meaning in Urdu

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1. Gestate - Conceive - Conceptualise - Conceptualize : تصور کرنا - تصور میں لانا : (verb) have the idea for.

Preconceive - conceive beforehand.

2. Gestate - Bear - Carry - Expect - Have A Bun In The Oven : حمل اٹھانا - حاملہ ہونا : (verb) be pregnant with.

Conceive - become pregnant; undergo conception.

Related Words

Gesticulation : اشاراتی اظہار : a deliberate and vigorous gesture or motion.

Gestation - Maternity - Pregnancy : امومت : the state of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus.

Useful Words

Consume - Have - Ingest - Take - Take In : استعمال کرنا : serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"

Idea - Thought : ارادہ : the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about. "It was not a good idea"

Pregnant : حاملہ : carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life. "Prego is the short of pregnant"

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