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پَرورِش کرنا : Parwarish Karna Meaning in English

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2 of 2) پرورش کرنا : Cultivate : (verb) foster the growth of.

Useful Words

جادو کے ذریعے کچھ کرنا : Arouse , ہلچل پیدا کرنا : Agitate , چڑھائی : Acclivity , غصہ ہونا : Raise The Roof , شدید اعتراض کرنا : Make A Stink , پشت : Rear , معاون امیر البحر : Rear Admiral , مسئلہ پیدا کرنا : Bring On , قائل کرلینا : Bring Around , ظاہر کرنا : Bring Out , پیدا کرنا : Bring Forth , لے جانا : Bring , گرانا : Bring Down , نکالنا : Bring Out , ملانا : Bring Together , لے جانا : Bring , ترقی دینا : Bring Up , کامیاب ہوجانا : Bring Off , صحت یاب کرنا : Bring Around , نیچے لے جانا : Bring Down , شائع کرنا : Bring Out , یاد دلانا : Bring Around , لانا : Bring , کمانا : Bring In , راز فاش کرنا : Break , غصہ اتارنا : Bring Down , بچا لینا : Bring Through , لے آنا : Bring , موڑ دینا : Bring About , بکنا : Bring , واضح کرنا : Bring Out

Useful Words Definitions

Arouse: summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic.

Agitate: change the arrangement or position of.

Acclivity: an upward slope or grade (as in a road).

Raise The Roof: get very angry.

Make A Stink: take strong and forceful action, as to object or express discontent.

Rear: the back of a military formation or procession.

Rear Admiral: an admiral junior to a vice admiral.

Bring On: cause to arise.

Bring Around: cause to adopt an opinion or course of action.

Bring Out: make visible.

Bring Forth: bring into existence.

Bring: bring into a different state.

Bring Down: cause the downfall of; of rulers.

Bring Out: take out of a container or enclosed space.

Bring Together: cause to become joined or linked.

Bring: take something or somebody with oneself somewhere.

Bring Up: promote from a lower position or rank.

Bring Off: be successful; achieve a goal.

Bring Around: provide a cure for, make healthy again.

Bring Down: move something or somebody to a lower position.

Bring Out: prepare and issue for public distribution or sale.

Bring Around: return to consciousness.

Bring: cause to happen or to occur as a consequence.

Bring In: earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages.

Break: make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret.

Bring Down: impose something unpleasant.

Bring Through: bring into safety.

Bring: cause to come into a particular state or condition.

Bring About: cause to move into the opposite direction.

Bring: be sold for a certain price.

Bring Out: direct attention to, as if by means of contrast.

Related Words

کاشتکاری : Agriculture , اڑنے کے قابل ہونے تک پالنا : Fledge , پالنا : Cradle , بڑا ہونا : Grow Up

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