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Get Along  

1. Get Along, Come, Do, Fare, Make Out : چلنا : (Verb) Proceed or get along.

How is your job doing ?
How are you getting along in your new job ?+ More

Go, Proceed - follow a certain course.

2. Get Along, Get Along With, Get On, Get On With : اچھے تعلقات ہونا : (Verb) Have smooth relations.

My boss and I get along very well.

Relate - have or establish a relationship to.

3. Get Along, Advance, Come Along, Come On, Get On, Progress, Shape Up : ترقی کرنا : (Verb) Develop in a positive way.

He progressed well in school.
My plants are coming along.+ More

Along, On - آگے کی طرف - with a forward motion; "we drove along admiring the view".

Beget, Bring Forth, Engender, Father, Generate, Get, Mother, Sire - باپ بننا - make children; "Abraham begot Isaac".

Have, Rich Person, Wealthy Person - مالدار شخص - a person who possesses great material wealth.

Go, Proceed - جانا - follow a certain course; "Let it go".

Relation - تعلق - an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together.

Polish, Shine, Smooth, Smoothen - چمکیلا بنانا - make (a surface) shine; "shine the silver, please".

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