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1 of 3) Give Out, Emit, Give Off : خارج کرنا, نکالنا : (verb) give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc.

2 of 3) Give Out, Distribute, Hand Out, Pass Out : تقسیم کرنا : (verb) give to several people.

3 of 3) Give Out, Break, Break Down, Conk Out, Die, Fail, Give Way, Go, Go Bad : خراب ہو جانا : (verb) stop operating or functioning.

Useful Words

List : فہرست بنانا , Burning : آگ پکڑنے کی حالت , Allot : دینا , Entitle : حق دینا , Furnish : مہیا کرنا , Break : چھوڑ دینا , Resume : خلاصہ کرنا , Argue : ثبوت دینا , Betray : مخبری کرنا , Render : واپس کرنا , Generate : دینا , Depict : تشریح کرنا , Feed : خوراک دینا , Advise : نصیحت کرنا , Redefine : تعریف نو کرنا , Aliment : خوراک دینا , Distil : ٹپکانا , Bless : دعا دینا , Adumbrate : باور کرانا , Educate : تعلیم دینا , Compensate : معاوضہ دینا , Cheer : حوصلہ افزائی کرنا , Entitle : عنوان دینا , Commend : سپرد کرنا , Evince : ظاہر کرنا , Change : ایک دوسرے سے لینا اور دینا , Assign : لگادینا , Point : نوک بنانا , Approve : منظوری دینا , Misadvise : غلط مشورہ دینا , Horse-Trade : سودے بازی کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Burning: a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.

Allot: give out.

Entitle: give the right to.

Furnish: give something useful or necessary to.

Break: give up.

Resume: give a summary (of).

Argue: give evidence of.

Betray: give away information about somebody.

Render: give back anything.

Generate: give or supply.

Depict: give a description of.

Feed: give food to.

Advise: give advice to.

Redefine: give a new or different definition to.

Aliment: give nourishment to.

Distil: give off (a liquid).

Bless: give a benediction to.

Adumbrate: give to understand.

Educate: give an education to.

Compensate: do or give something to somebody in return.

Cheer: give encouragement to.

Entitle: give a title to.

Commend: give to in charge.

Evince: give expression to.

Change: give to, and receive from, one another.

Assign: attribute or give.

Point: give a point to.

Approve: give sanction to.

Misadvise: give bad advice to.

Horse-Trade: negotiate with much give and take.

Related Words

Change : بدل جانا , Break : توڑنا , Buy The Farm : وفات پانا , Crash : چلتے چلتے رک جانا , Misfire : بندوق نہ چلنا , Malfunction : خرابی , Gift : تحفہ دینا , Apportion : حصہ دینا , Reflect : چمکنا , Radiate : اشعاعی اخراج کرنا , Fume : دھویں کا اخراج

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