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1) Government Agency, Agency, Authority, Bureau, Federal Agency, Office : دفتر, محکمہ, ایجنسی : (noun) an administrative unit of government.

Related : Air Force Research Laboratory : a United States Air Force defense laboratory responsible for discovering and developing and integrating fighting technologies for aerospace forces. Army High Performance Computing Research Center : a United States defense laboratory to conduct research in high-performance computing for defense technology applications; a partnership of government and university and industry. Administrative Unit : a unit with administrative responsibilities.

Useful Words

Ad Agency, Advertising Agency : تشہیری ایجنسی : an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients. "He has started new advertising agency in Singapore".

Agency : تجارتی ادارہ : a business that serves other businesses.

Agency Security, Government Security : امریکی ضمانت : a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System.

Administration, Governance, Governing, Government, Government Activity : حکومت : the act of governing; exercising authority. "The government claims to make Pakistan the state of Madinah".

Government Minister, Minister : وزیر : a person appointed to a high office in the government. "Minister of Finance".

Bank Bill, Bank Note, Banker's Bill, Banknote, Bill, Federal Reserve Note, Government Note, Greenback, Note : نوٹ : a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank). "He peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes".

Government Officials, Officialdom : دفتری حکومت : people elected or appointed to administer a government.

Local Government : مقامی حکومت : the government of a local area.

News Agency, News Organisation, News Organization, Press Agency, Press Association, Wire Service : خبررساں ادارہ : an agency to collects news reports for newspapers and distributes it electronically.

Travel Agency : سفر کی سہولیات فراہم کرنے والا ادارہ : an agency that arranges personal travel.

Administrative : انتظامی : of or relating to or responsible for administration.

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