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Group Meeting meaning in Urdu

Group Meeting Synonym

Group Meeting Definitions

1) Group Meeting, Meeting : اجلاس : (noun) a formally arranged gathering.


Useful Words

Colloquium : مکالماتی نشست , Session : اجلاس , Backroom : خاص کمرہ , Adjourn : الگ ہونا , Appointment : طے شدہ ملاقات , Seance : ملاقات , Acceptable : لوازم پورے کرنا , Greet : سلام کرنا , Adjournment : اجلاس کا اختتام , Regatta : کشتی ڈور , Seminar : حلقہ , Attendance : حاضری , Summit : حکومتوں کے سربراہوں کی ملاقات , Agenda : مد نظر کاموں کی فہرست , Conclave : خفیہ مجلس , Caucus : سیاسی ملاقات , Board Meeting : انتظامی ملاقات , Council : شوری , Congress : مجلس , Attendant : شرکت کرنے والا , Solvent : تمام واجبی قرضے چکا دینے کے قابل , Rendezvous : ملنے کی جگہ , Colloquium : خطاب , Public Square : چورنگی , Greeting : سلام , Battle : جنگ , Locale : مقام , Conventicle : غیر قانونی مجلس , Declaration : قرارداد , Plenum : بھری مجلس , Corner : کونا

Useful Words Definitions

Colloquium: an academic meeting or seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting.

Session: a meeting for execution of a group's functions.

Backroom: the meeting place of a group of leaders who make their decisions via private negotiations.

Adjourn: break from a meeting or gathering.

Appointment: a meeting arranged in advance.

Seance: a meeting of spiritualists.

Acceptable: meeting requirements.

Greet: express greetings upon meeting someone.

Adjournment: the termination of a meeting.

Regatta: a meeting for boat races.

Seminar: any meeting for an exchange of ideas.

Attendance: the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.).

Summit: a meeting of heads of governments.

Agenda: a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting).

Conclave: a confidential or secret meeting.

Caucus: a closed political meeting.

Board Meeting: a meeting for administrative purposes.

Council: a meeting of people for consultation.

Congress: a meeting of elected or appointed representatives.

Attendant: a person who is present and participates in a meeting.

Solvent: capable of meeting financial obligations.

Rendezvous: a meeting planned at a certain time and place.

Colloquium: an address to an academic meeting or seminar.

Public Square: an open area at the meeting of two or more streets.

Greeting: (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting).

Battle: a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war.

Locale: the scene of any event or action (especially the place of a meeting).

Conventicle: a secret unauthorized meeting for religious worship.

Declaration: a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote.

Plenum: a meeting of a legislative body at which all members are present.

Corner: an interior angle formed by two meeting walls.

Related Words

Assemblage : ہجوم , Conference : اجلاس , Convention : اجتماع , Forum : عوامی اجتماع

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