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گُستاخی : Gustakhi Meaning in English

Gustakhi Synonyms

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Gustakhi in Detail

1. Boldness, Brass, Cheek, Face, Nerve : گستاخی Gustakhi, بد تمیزی Bad Tameezi, بے ادبی Be Adbi : (noun) impudent aggressiveness.

Related : Audacity : aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery.

2. Discourtesy, Rudeness : گستاخی Gustakhi, اکھڑ پن Akhar Pan : (noun) a manner that is rude and insulting.

Related : Personal Manner : a way of acting or behaving. Boorishness : the manner of a rude or insensitive person.

3. Impoliteness : بے ادبی Be Adbi, گستاخی Gustakhi, اکھڑ پن Akhar Pan : (noun) a discourteous manner that ignores accepted social usage.

Related : Rudeness : a manner that is rude and insulting. Gaucheness : an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement.

4. Abuse, Contumely, Insult, Revilement, Vilification : زبان درازی Zaban Darazi, گالم گلوچ Galam Galoch, توہین Tauheen : (noun) a rude expression intended to offend or hurt.

Related : Disrespect : an expression of lack of respect. Vituperation : abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will.

5. Irreverence, Violation : گستاخی Gustakhi : (noun) a disrespectful act.

Related : Wickedness : morally objectionable behavior. Sacrilege : blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character.

Useful Words

Dhang : Manner : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Tameez, Tor Tariqa, Qisim, Jarehana Aazaim : Aggressiveness : a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack.

Jarihat, Badtameez : Impudent : improperly forward or bold. "Don`t be fresh with me"

Be Adab, Gustakh : Rude : socially incorrect in behavior. "Sorry for being rude"

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