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1) Harakiri, Hara-Kiri, Harikari, Seppuku : خود کشی کرنے کا روایتی جاپانی طریقہ, جاپانیوں کا خود کشی کرنے کا ایک طریقہ : (noun) ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword; practiced by samurai in the traditional Japanese society.

Useful Words

Kamikaze : دوسری جنگ عظیم کا جاپانی ہوائی جہاز , Quakerism : نظریہ , Karate : کراٹے , Allay Munja Mar Wara : او میرے پیارے , 9-11 : امریکا پر خودکش حملوں کا دن , Accustomed : حسب معمول , Health Facility : ہسپتال , Methodist : عیسائی فرقے کا پیرو کار , Ritualise : رواج بن جانا , Covert : خفیہ , Procrustean : بے رحمی کے ساتھ , Burial : تدفین , Ceremonial Dance : مذہبی رقص , Backsword : ایک قسم کی چھڑی یا ڈنڈا , Bladelike : سیف نما , Hilt : تلوار کا ہتہ , Fencing Sword : تلواروں کے کھیل میں استعمال ہونے والی تلوار , Harijan : اچھوت , Ablution : وضو , Celebration : منانے کا عمل , Inunction : تیل کی مالش کرنا , Officiate : فرائض انجام دینا , Sheath : تلوار کا غلاف , Sword Cane : وہ چیز جس میں تلوار چھبی ہوئی ہو , Scabbard : میان , Yoga : ہندو فلسفے میں ذہن قابو کرنے کی مشق , Censer : اگر دان , Conjuration : جادو , Rapier : دو دھاری خنجر , Hoodooism : شیطانی مذہب , Cutlas : چھوٹی سی تلوار

Useful Words Definitions

Kamikaze: a fighter plane used for suicide missions by Japanese pilots in World War II.

Quakerism: the theological doctrine of the Society of Friends characterized by opposition to war and rejection of ritual and a formal creed and an ordained ministry.

Karate: a traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat; sharp blows and kicks are given to pressure-sensitive points on the body of the opponent.

Allay Munja Mar Wara: Allay munja mar wara" is a phrase in Sindhi language, which is spoken in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is a traditional Sindhi folk song that is often sung during cultural events, weddings, and celebrations. The phrase itself does not have a specific meaning in English. It is a part of the Sindhi language and is typically used in the context of traditional music and cultural expressions.

9-11: the day in 2001 when Arab suicide bombers hijacked United States airliners and used them as bombs.

Accustomed: commonly used or practiced; usual.

Health Facility: building where medicine is practiced.

Methodist: a follower of Wesleyanism as practiced by the Methodist Church.

Ritualise: make or evolve into a ritual.

Covert: secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed.

Procrustean: of or relating to the mythical giant Procrustes or the mode of torture practiced by him.

Burial: the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave.

Ceremonial Dance: a dance that is part of a religious ritual.

Backsword: a stick used instead of a sword for fencing.

Bladelike: shaped like a sword blade.

Hilt: the handle of a sword or dagger.

Fencing Sword: a sword used in the sport of fencing.

Harijan: belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India.

Ablution: the ritual washing of a priest`s hands or of sacred vessels.

Celebration: the public performance of a sacrament or solemn ceremony with all appropriate ritual.

Inunction: anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual.

Officiate: act in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a wedding.

Sheath: a protective covering (as for a knife or sword).

Sword Cane: a cane concealing a sword or dagger.

Scabbard: a sheath for a sword or dagger or bayonet.

Yoga: a system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

Censer: a container for burning incense (especially one that is swung on a chain in a religious ritual).

Conjuration: a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect.

Rapier: a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges.

Hoodooism: a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities.

Cutlas: a short heavy curved sword with one edge; formerly used by sailors.

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Self-Annihilation : خودکشی

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