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رسم : Rasam Meaning in English

Rasam Synonyms

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Rasam in Detail

1 Rite Ritual : رسم Rasam رواج Riwaj : (noun) any customary observance or practice.

Related : Usance : accepted or habitual practice. Ritual Dancing : a dance that is part of a religious ritual.

2 Custom Usage Usance : رسم Rasam : (noun) accepted or habitual practice.

Related : Practice : a customary way of operation or behavior. Consuetude : a custom or usage that has acquired the force of law.

3 Honoring Observance : رسم Rasam : (noun) conformity with law or custom or practice etc.

Related : Conformity : acting according to certain accepted standards.

4 Formalities Formality : رسم Rasam تکلف Takalluf : (noun) a requirement of etiquette or custom.

Related : Observance : a formal event performed on a special occasion.

5 Ceremony : رسم Rasam : (noun) any activity that is performed in an especially solemn elaborate or formal way.

Useful Words

Aadat Mashq Mushaaheda Dohrana : Practice : systematic training by multiple repetitions. "Practice makes perfect"

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