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Hole-In-The-Wall meaning in Urdu

Hole-In-The-Wall Sentence

His office was a hole in the wall.

Hole-In-The-Wall Definitions

1) Hole-In-The-Wall : معمولی سا : (noun) a small unpretentious out-of-the-way place.


Useful Words

Rathole : دیوار میں چوہے کا بنایا ہوا سراخ , Console : دیوار سے جوڑی میز , Dado : تختوں کا حاشیہ , Bead : موتی جس میں سوراخ ہو , Eye : سوئی میں چھوٹا سوراخ , Prick : چھوٹا سا سوراخ کرنا , Cranny : شگاف , Cringle : پھندا , Mesentery : چھوٹی آنت , Asplenium Ruta-Muraria : چترک , Harmonica : موسیقی کا آلہ جسے پھونک مار کر بجایا جاتا ہے , Gastroenterostomy : معدہ اور چھوٹی آنت کے درمیان آپریشن کے ذریعے سوراخ بنانا , Achene : اسٹرابیری جیسا میوہ , Perforate : چھید والا , Air Hole : سوراخ , Keyhole : چابی کا سوراخ , Blowhole : نکاس , Perforation : سوراخ کرنا , Hole : گالف میں بال سوراخ میں ڈالنا , Pierce : چھیدنا , Button Hole : بٹن کا کاج , Sump : تالاب , Cavity : گڑھا , Knothole : لکڑی کے تختے میں یا درخت میں سوراخ , Stave : سراخ کرنا , Ace : ایک ضرب لگانا , Poke : چھیدنا , Reeve : سوراخ میں سے گزارنا , Eyehole : جھری , Pit : چور گڑھا , Burrow : کسی جانور کا بل

Useful Words Definitions

Rathole: a hole (as in the wall of a building) made by rats.

Console: a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall.

Dado: panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall.

Bead: a small ball with a hole through the middle.

Eye: a small hole or loop (as in a needle).

Prick: make a small hole into, as with a needle or a thorn.

Cranny: a small opening or crevice (especially in a rock face or wall).

Cringle: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines.

Mesentery: a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines.

Asplenium Ruta-Muraria: small delicate spleenwort found on a steep slope (as a wall or cliff) of Eurasia and North America.

Harmonica: a small rectangular free-reed instrument having a row of free reeds set back in air holes and played by blowing into the desired hole.

Gastroenterostomy: surgical creation of an opening between the stomach wall and the small intestines; performed when the normal opening has been eliminated.

Achene: small dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall.

Perforate: having a hole cut through.

Air Hole: a hole that allows the passage of air.

Keyhole: the hole where a key is inserted.

Blowhole: a hole for the escape of gas or air.

Perforation: a hole made in something.

Hole: hit the ball into the hole.

Pierce: make a hole into.

Button Hole: a hole through which buttons are pushed.

Sump: a well or other hole in which water has collected.

Cavity: a sizeable hole (usually in the ground).

Knothole: a hole in a board where a knot came out.

Stave: burst or force (a hole) into something.

Ace: play (a hole) in one stroke.

Poke: make a hole by poking.

Reeve: pass through a hole or opening.

Eyehole: a hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep.

Pit: a trap in the form of a concealed hole.

Burrow: a hole made by an animal, usually for shelter.

Related Words

Place : جگہ

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