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اختیار نامہ : Ikhtiyar Nama Meaning in English

Ikhtiyar Nama in Sentences

Justify yourself.
PM has big mandate.

Ikhtiyar Nama in Detail

1 of 2) اختیار نامہ وارنٹ : Warrant : (noun) a writ from a court commanding police to perform specified acts.

2 of 2) اختیار نامہ مختار نامہ : Authorisation Authorization Mandate : (noun) a document giving an official instruction or command.

Useful Words

وارنٹ تلاشی : Search Warrant , پہچان : Recognisance , عدالتی وارنٹ : Arrest Warrant , عدول حکمی : Contumacy , متاثر کر نے والا : Arresting , نمائش : Repertoire , لازمی طور پر : Imperatively , گواہوں کو بلانے کا حکم : Compulsory Process , حکم : Decree , یورپ میں نیٹو اور اے سی ای کا اعلی فوجی افسر : Saceur , دستاویز وصیت : Letters Testamentary , ایک قسم کا کارڈ : Smart Card , راضی نامہ : Judicial Admission , ضامن : Guarantor , حراست میں لینے کا حکم : Pickup , دہوکا دینا : Foist , جس شخص کو یقین دلایا جاۓ : Warrantee , اعلی عدالت : Superior Court , کسی عدالت میں ازسر نو مقدمہ : Retrial , وارنٹ افسر : Warrant Officer , معافی نامہ : Amnesty , جلاد : Executioner , فضائیہ کا افسر : Air Attache , عدالت عالیہ کی توثیق : Affirmation , مہلت : Reprieve , کام کرنا : Act , پولس کی تحویل : Custody , پولیس کی گاڑی جس میں قیدیوں کو لے کر جایا جاتا ہے : Black Maria , پولیس والا : Officer , پولیس کی کشتی : Police Boat , سینیئر سپریٹینڈیٹ پولیس : Ssp

Useful Words Definitions

Search Warrant: a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search for objects or people involved in the commission of a crime and to produce them in court; the warrant describes the locations where the officials may search.

Recognisance: (law) a security entered into before a court with a condition to perform some act required by law; on failure to perform that act a sum is forfeited.

Arrest Warrant: a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court.

Contumacy: willful refusal to appear before a court or comply with a court order; can result in a finding of contempt of court.

Arresting: commanding attention.

Repertoire: a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform and do perform for short intervals on a regular schedule.

Imperatively: in an imperative and commanding manner.

Compulsory Process: the right of a defendant to have a court use its subpoena power to compel the appearance of material witnesses before the court.

Decree: a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge).

Saceur: commanding officer of ACE; NATO`s senior military commander in Europe.

Letters Testamentary: a legal document from a probate court or court officer informing you of your appointment as executor of a will and empowering you to discharge those responsibilities.

Smart Card: a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor; typically used to perform financial transactions.

Judicial Admission: (law) an agreement or concession made by parties in a judicial proceeding (or by their attorneys) relating to the business before the court; must be in writing unless they are part of the court record.

Guarantor: one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another.

Pickup: a warrant to take someone into custody.

Foist: insert surreptitiously or without warrant.

Warrantee: a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given.

Superior Court: any court that has jurisdiction above an inferior court.

Retrial: a new trial in which issues already litigated and to which the court has already rendered a verdict or decision are reexamined by the same court; occurs when the initial trial is found to have been improper or unfair due to procedural errors.

Warrant Officer: holds rank by virtue of a warrant.

Amnesty: a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense.

Executioner: an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant.

Air Attache: a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force.

Affirmation: a judgment by a higher court that the judgment of a lower court was correct and should stand.

Reprieve: a warrant granting postponement (usually to postpone the execution of the death sentence).

Act: perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).

Custody: holding by the police.

Black Maria: van used by police to transport prisoners.

Officer: a member of a police force.

Police Boat: a boat used by harbor police.

Ssp: Senior Superintendent Police.

Related Words

دستاویز : Instrument , موت کا پروانہ : Death Warrant , حکم نامہ : Judicial Writ , اصول : Jurisprudence , مستند : Authorised , غیر مستند : Unauthorised

Close Words

تفویض اختیار : Commission , اختیار دینے والا : Authoriser , اختیار : Authorisation , اختیار دینا : Authorise , قابو : Control , اختیار : Discretion , حسب حال بنانا : Accommodate , اختیار : Guardianship , اختیار کے ساتھ : Formally , اختیار نامزدگی : Advowson , اختیار کر لینا : Acquire

Close Words Definitions

Commission: the act of granting authority to undertake certain functions.

Authoriser: an authority who authorizes (people or actions).

Authorisation: the power or right to give orders or make decisions.

Authorise: give or delegate power or authority to.

Control: power to direct or determine.

Discretion: freedom to act or judge on one`s own.

Accommodate: make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose.

Guardianship: the responsibility of a guardian or keeper.

Formally: with official authorization.

Advowson: the right in English law of presenting a nominee to a vacant ecclesiastical benefice.

Acquire: take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect.

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