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Illicit   Meaning in Urdu

1. Illicit - Illegitimate - Outlaw - Outlawed - Unlawful : خلاف قانون : contrary to or forbidden by law.

Illicit trade.

Illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules.

Useful Words

Contrary : خلاف : very opposed in nature or character or purpose. "Acts contrary to our code of ethics"

Forbidden - Out - Prohibited - Proscribed - Taboo - Tabu - Verboten : حرام : excluded from use or mention/prohibited.a prejudice (especially in Polynesia and other South Pacific islands) that prohibits the use or mention of something because of its sacred nature.. "It is forbidden"

Jurisprudence - Law : قانون : the collection of rules imposed by authority. "Civilization presupposes respect for the law"