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Impale meaning in Urdu

Impale Sentences

Impale a shrimp on a skewer.
The enemies were impaled and left to die.

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Impale Definitions

1 of 2) Impale, Empale, Spike, Transfix : جڑنا, چھید کر لگانا : (verb) pierce with a sharp stake or point.

2 of 2) Impale, Stake : جسم میں تیز میخیں گاڑ کر مارنا : (verb) kill by piercing with a spear or sharp pole.

Useful Words

Pricket : موم بتی , Pricker : کانٹا , Pinpoint : سوئی کی نوک , Acuate : نوک دار , Pike : نیزا , Pointless : جس کا کوئی نشان نہ ہو , Acuteness : دھار دار , Keen : تیز دھار والا , Tack : کوکا , Sharp : نوک والی سوئی , Falchion : چھوٹی تلوار , Drill : اوزار سے سوراخ کرنا , Crazy Bone : کہنی کی ہڈی , Acuminate : نوکدار بنانا , Pin : چھیدنا , Break : گھسنا , Strike : گھس جانا , Riddle : چھید چھید کر ڈالنا , Stick : چبھالینا , Tap : چھیدنا , Puncture : سوراخ کرنا , Ante : داو پر لگانا , Stake : کہونٹے سے باندھنا , Bet : داو پر لگانا , Post : کھمبا , Impalement : میخوں سے ٹہونکنے کا عمل , Spadix : موٹی ڈنڈی والا پہولوں کا گچھا , Mosquito : مچھر , Climber : جوتے کا کانٹا , Piton : میخ , Tangent : مماسی

Useful Words Definitions

Pricket: a sharp metal spike to hold a candle.

Pricker: a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.

Pinpoint: the sharp point of a pin.

Acuate: ending in a sharp point.

Pike: a sharp point (as on the end of a spear).

Pointless: not having a point especially a sharp point.

Acuteness: the quality of having a sharp edge or point.

Keen: having a sharp cutting edge or point.

Tack: a short nail with a sharp point and a large head.

Sharp: a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point.

Falchion: a short broad slightly convex medieval sword with a sharp point.

Drill: a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows).

Crazy Bone: a point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes near the surface; a sharp tingling sensation results when the nerve is knocked against the bone.

Acuminate: make sharp or acute; taper; make (something) come to a point.

Pin: pierce with a pin.

Break: pierce or penetrate.

Strike: pierce with force.

Riddle: pierce with many holes.

Stick: pierce or penetrate or puncture with something pointed.

Tap: pierce in order to draw a liquid from.

Puncture: pierce with a pointed object; make a hole into.

Ante: place one's stake.

Stake: tie or fasten to a stake.

Bet: stake on the outcome of an issue.

Post: a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track).

Impalement: the act of piercing with a sharpened stake as a form of punishment or torture.

Spadix: the fleshy axis of a spike often surrounded by a spathe.

Mosquito: two-winged insect whose female has a long proboscis to pierce the skin and suck the blood of humans and animals.

Climber: an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing.

Piton: a metal spike with a hole for a rope; mountaineers drive it into ice or rock to use as a hold.

Tangent: a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point but does not intersect it at that point.

Related Words

Kill : قتل کر نا , Pierce : چھیدنا

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