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Imprint meaning in Urdu

Imprint Sentences

English stills bears the imprint of the Norman invasion.
We imprint our ideas onto our children.

Imprint Synonyms


Imprint Definitions

1 of 6) Imprint : اثر : (noun) a distinctive influence.

2 of 6) Imprint, Form : ذہن نشیں کرنا, نقش کرنا : (verb) establish or impress firmly in the mind.

3 of 6) Imprint, Impress : نقش کرنا, مہر لگانا : (verb) mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

4 of 6) Imprint : شناخت : (noun) an identification of a publisher; a publisher's name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page.

The book was published under a distinguished imprint.

5 of 6) Imprint, Embossment : نقش : (noun) an impression produced by pressure or printing.

6 of 6) Imprint : مہر : (noun) a device produced by pressure on a surface.

Useful Words

Wow : حیرت زدہ کرنا , Impress : متاثر کرنا , Engrave : نقش کرنا , Ostentatious : پر نمود , Affectedness : دکھاوا , Inculcate : ذہن نشین کرانا , Posturer : دھوکے باز , Cock : اکڑ کر چلنا , Streak : خصلت , Alone : بے نظیر , Aroma : خوشبو , Earmark : شناخت , Age : تاریخی دور , Fetor : بدبو , Attire : لباس , Accent : تلفظ , Air : روانی , Vibe : خاص تاثر , Foible : انوکھا مزاج , Characterisation : کردار نگاری , Air : احساس , Differentiate : ممتاز کرنا , Denomination : فرقہ , Intense : شدید , Zone : حلقہ , Habit : پادری کا لباس , Society : معاشرہ , Uniform : ایک جیسی وردی , Cultural : تہذیبی , Subcontinent : برصغیر , Diaper : پوتڑا

Useful Words Definitions

Wow: impress greatly.

Impress: impress positively.

Engrave: impress or affect deeply.

Ostentatious: intended to attract notice and impress others.

Affectedness: the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others).

Inculcate: teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions.

Posturer: someone who behaves in a manner calculated to impress or mislead others.

Cock: to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others.

Streak: a distinctive characteristic.

Alone: radically distinctive and without equal.

Aroma: a distinctive odor that is pleasant.

Earmark: a distinctive characteristic or attribute.

Age: an era of history having some distinctive feature.

Fetor: a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant.

Attire: clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion.

Accent: distinctive manner of oral expression.

Air: a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence.

Vibe: a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively.

Foible: a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual.

Characterisation: the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features.

Air: a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing.

Differentiate: be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense.

Denomination: a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith.

Intense: possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree.

Zone: a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features.

Habit: a distinctive attire worn by a member of a religious order.

Society: an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization.

Uniform: clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification.

Cultural: denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people.

Subcontinent: a large and distinctive landmass (as India or Greenland) that is a distinct part of some continent.

Diaper: a fabric (usually cotton or linen) with a distinctive woven pattern of small repeated figures.

Related Words

Device : آلہ , Impression : ٹھپا , Identification : شناخت , Boss : ابھرا ہوا , Act Upon : زیر اثر

Imprint in Book Titles

Tire Imprint Evidence.
The Imprint of Alan Swallow: Quality Publishing in the West.
Imprint: A Memoir of Trauma in the Third Generation.

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