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Indulgent meaning in Urdu

Indulgent Sentences

Indulgent parents risk spoiling their children.
Indulgent grandparents.

Indulgent Synonyms


Indulgent Definitions

1 of 2) Indulgent, Lenient, Soft : نرم, رحم دلی, درگزر کرنے والا : (satellite adjective) tolerant or lenient.

2 of 2) Indulgent : مہربان, شفیق : (adjective) characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone.

Useful Words

Lenience : نرم دلی , Laxly : سستی سے , Indulgently : شفقت سے , Brotherly Love : رحم دلی , Condone : در گزر کرنا , Adoring : لاڈ کرنے والا , Tolerantly : رواداری سے , Big : فراغ دل , Kind : درگزر کرنے والا , Latitudinarian : مذہبی طور پر آزاد خیال , Semisoft : نیم نرم , Downlike : ملائم , Hemangioma Simplex : سرخ سا ابھرا ھوا پیدائشی مسا , Dethaw : پگھلنا , Gooey : نرم اور چپچپا , Soften : نرم ہونا , Boggy : کیچڑ , Mush : مغز , Fudge : نرم میٹھائی , Soda Can : سوڈا کین , Chalk : نرم چونا , Squish : پھچ , Beaver : اودبلاو , Crooning : دھیمی آواز میں گانا , Mess : نرم خوراک , Mellowness : نرمی , Squab : نرم صوفہ , Firm : سخت , Soften : نرم تر کر دینا , Chenille : مخملی ڈوری , Birr : دھیمی موٹر وغیرہ گھومنے کی آواز

Useful Words Definitions

Lenience: mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant.

Laxly: in a permissively lenient manner.

Indulgently: in an indulgent manner.

Brotherly Love: a kindly and lenient attitude toward people.

Condone: excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with.

Adoring: extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent.

Tolerantly: in a tolerant manner.

Big: generous and understanding and tolerant.

Kind: tolerant and forgiving under provocation.

Latitudinarian: a person who is broad-minded and tolerant (especially in standards of religious belief and conduct).

Semisoft: somewhat soft.

Downlike: like down or as soft as down.

Hemangioma Simplex: a soft red birthmark.

Dethaw: become or cause to become soft or liquid.

Gooey: soft and sticky.

Soften: become soft or softer.

Boggy: (of soil) soft and watery.

Mush: any soft or soggy mass.

Fudge: soft creamy candy.

Soda Can: a can for holding soft drinks.

Chalk: a soft whitish calcite.

Squish: the noise of soft mud being walked on.

Beaver: the soft brown fur of the beaver.

Crooning: singing in a soft low tone.

Mess: soft semiliquid food.

Mellowness: a soft shade of a color.

Squab: a soft padded sofa.

Firm: not soft or yielding to pressure.

Soften: make soft or softer.

Chenille: a soft tufted cord used in embroidery.

Birr: make a soft swishing sound.

Related Words

Gluttonous : پیٹو , Decadent : عیاش , Betting : بازیگر , Epicurean : عالی شان , Epicurean : لذیذ