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Infringement meaning in Urdu

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Infringement Definitions

1) Infringement, Violation : حق تلفی, پامالی : (noun) an act that disregards an agreement or a right.


Useful Words

Condition : بیان کرنا , Delinquency : طفلانہ گناہ , Break : خلاف ورزی کرنا , Evildoing : حکم عدولی , Indelicate : غیر شائستہ , War Crime : جنگی جرم , Breach Of Trust : خیانت , Black Market : کالا بازار , Discrepant : متضاد , See Eye To Eye : کسی سے اتفاق کرنا , Consentaneous : متفقہ , Agree : متفق ہونا , Hereunder : اس کے مطابق , According : مطابق , Concord : اتحاد , Accordant : موافق , Pursuant : اتفاق پذیر , Community : مشترکہ مفاد , Conclude : طے کرنا , Collusion : ملی بھگت , Concert : طے کرنا , Convention : معاہدہ , Assentient : رضا مندی ظاہر کرتا , Collusion : خفیہ سازش , And How : بالکل , Discord : اختلاف , Concurrence : اتفاق رائے , Agree : ایک دوسرے سے اتفاق کرنا , Acquiescence : رضا مندی , Contract : معاہدہ کرنا , Accede : مان لینا

Useful Words Definitions

Condition: specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement.

Delinquency: an antisocial misdeed in violation of the law by a minor.

Break: fail to agree with; be in violation of; as of rules or patterns.

Evildoing: the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle.

Indelicate: in violation of good taste even verging on the indecent.

War Crime: a crime committed in wartime; violation of rules of war.

Breach Of Trust: violation (either through fraud or negligence) by a trustee of a duty that equity requires of him.

Black Market: an illegal market in which goods or currencies are bought and sold in violation of rationing or controls.

Discrepant: not in agreement.

See Eye To Eye: be in agreement.

Consentaneous: in complete agreement.

Agree: be in accord; be in agreement.

Hereunder: under the terms of this agreement.

According: (followed by `to`) in agreement with or accordant with.

Concord: agreement of opinions.

Accordant: being in agreement or harmony; often followed by `with'.

Pursuant: (followed by `to') in conformance to or agreement with.

Community: agreement as to goals.

Conclude: reach agreement on.

Collusion: secret agreement.

Concert: settle by agreement.

Convention: (diplomacy) an international agreement.

Assentient: expressing agreement or consent.

Collusion: agreement on a secret plot.

And How: an expression of emphatic agreement.

Discord: lack of agreement or harmony.

Concurrence: agreement of results or opinions.

Agree: show grammatical agreement.

Acquiescence: agreement with a statement or proposal to do something.

Contract: engage by written agreement.

Accede: to agree or express agreement.

Related Words

Actus Reus : غلط عمل

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