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1. Intensive : شدید - انتہائی : Characterized by a high degree or intensity; often used as a combining form.

Intensive care.
The questioning was intensive.+ More

Intense - possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree.

2. Intensive, Intensifier : شدت کا حامل : (Noun) A modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies.

`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier.
`honestly' in `I honestly don't know' is an intensifier.

All-Fired, Bloody, Damn - extremely.

Combination, Combining, Compounding - ملانے کا عمل - the act of combining things to form a new whole.

Degree, Grade, Level - سطح - a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; "a moderate grade of intelligence".

Except, Exclude, Leave Off, Leave Out, Omit, Take Out - نکال دینا - prevent from being included or considered or accepted; "The bad results were excluded from the report".

Form, Manakin, Manikin, Mannequin, Mannikin - انسانی قد جتنا مجسمہ لباس دکھانے کے لئے استعمال ہوتا ہے - a life-size dummy used to display clothes.

High, High Gear - سب سے تیز گیئر - a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed; "He drives slow in a high gear".

Deepen, Intensify - بڑھانا - become more intense; "Opposition parties to intensify pressure on government for reforms".

Intensity, Loudness, Volume - بلند آوازی - the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction); "the kids played their music at full volume".

It - یہ - Used of a nonhuman entity; "It is out of the question".

Fiddling, Footling, Lilliputian, Little, Niggling, Petty, Picayune, Piddling, Piffling, Trivial - حقیر - (informal) small and of little importance; "a fiddling sum of money".

Import, Meaning, Significance, Signification - مطلب - the message that is intended or expressed or signified; "what is the meaning of this sentence".

Changer, Modifier - بدلنے والا - a person who changes something; "an inveterate changer of the menu".

Alter, Change, Modify - بدلنا - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "Change is encountered".

Frequently, Oft, Often, Oftentimes, Ofttimes - بسا اوقات - many times at short intervals; "As often happens".

Secondhand, Used - استعمال شدہ - previously used or owned by another; "bought a secondhand (or used) car".

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