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جَبری بَھرتی : Jabri Bahrti Meaning in English

Jabri Bahrti in Sentences

A draught of water.
He sketched a perfect front elevation of the house, I must say he is an stunning draft man.

Jabri Bahrti in Detail

Useful Words

کسی عسکری شاخ میں جبری خدمت گزاری : Selective Service , فوج خدمات کو خیرباد کہنا : Demob , جبری سپاہی : Conscript , فوجی محاز کا لباس : Battle Dress , فوجی سروس کی دور : Duty Tour , اختتامی رخصت : Terminal Leave , رضاکارنہ طور پر فوج میں بھرتی ہونے والا : Military Volunteer , بھرتی کرنے والا : Recruiter , ساحلی محافظ : Coastguard , کام چور : Shirker , فوجی نشان : Stripe , جنگی قیدیوں کا کمرہ : Guardhouse , جبر : Duress , خود سے کپڑے دہونے کی جگہ جہاں خود کار مشینیں لگی ہوں : Launderette , قابل خدمت : Serviceable , گولا باری کرنے والا فوجی دستہ : Firing Party , دفاع : Defence , جنگی حربوں کا علم : Strategy , نئی طاقت کی فراہمی : Reenforcement , فوج کے زیراثر کرنا : Militarise , مطالبہ : Requisition , زیر تربیت فوجی : Cadet , اسلحہ خانہ : Armory , کار آمد : Useful , ناکا رہ : Unserviceable , قابل استعمال : Functional , استعمال کے قابل رکھنا : Keep , خاص ہوائی سروس : Sas , تجارتی نام : Brand , طویل عرصہ : Length Of Service , خط بھیجنا : Get Off

Useful Words Definitions

Selective Service: an independent federal agency that administers compulsory military service.

Demob: retire from military service.

Conscript: someone who is drafted into military service.

Battle Dress: a military uniform designed for field service.

Duty Tour: a period of time spent in military service.

Terminal Leave: final leave before discharge from military service.

Military Volunteer: (military) a person who freely enlists for service.

Recruiter: an official who enlists personnel for military service.

Coastguard: a military service responsible for the safety of maritime traffic in coastal waters.

Shirker: a person who shirks his work or duty (especially one who tries to evade military service in wartime).

Stripe: a piece of braid, usually on the sleeve, indicating military rank or length of service.

Guardhouse: a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained.

Duress: compulsory force or threat.

Launderette: a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers.

Serviceable: ready for service or able to give long service.

Firing Party: a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution.

Defence: (military) military action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies.

Strategy: the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war.

Reenforcement: a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission.

Militarise: lend a military character to (a country), as by building up a military force.

Requisition: the act of requiring; an authoritative request or demand, especially by a military or public authority that takes something over (usually temporarily) for military or public use.

Cadet: a military trainee (as at a military academy).

Armory: a military structure where arms and ammunition and other military equipment are stored and training is given in the use of arms.

Useful: being of use or service.

Unserviceable: not ready for service.

Functional: fit or ready for use or service.

Keep: maintain for use and service.

Sas: Special Air Service.

Brand: a name given to a product or service.

Length Of Service: duration of service.

Get Off: send via the postal service.

Related Words

تیاری : Militarisation , کسی قوم کی فوج : Armed Forces

Close Words

جبری : Domineering , غالبیت : Domineeringness , جبری بھرتی کرنا : Conscript , جبری تقاضہ : Exaction , جبریت : Determinism , جبڑی پٹھا : Masseter , جبری تحویل : Hostile Takeover , جبری وصولی : Extortion

Close Words Definitions

Domineering: tending to domineer.

Domineeringness: the trait of being imperious and overbearing.

Conscript: enroll into service compulsorily.

Exaction: act of demanding or levying by force or authority.

Determinism: (philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes; often understood as denying the possibility of free will.

Masseter: a large muscle that raises the lower jaw and is used in chewing.

Hostile Takeover: a takeover that is resisted by the management of the target company.

Extortion: unjust (as by the misuse of authority).

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