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1) Jump On, Bestride, Climb On, Get On, Hop On, Mount, Mount Up : سوار ہونا : (verb) get up on the back of.

Related : Remount : mount again.

Useful Words

Broad Jump, Long Jump : لمبی چھلانگ : a competition that involves jumping as far as possible from a running start.

High Jump : ہائی جمپ کھیل : a competition that involves jumping as high as possible over a horizontal bar. "He won a gold medal in high jump".

Hop-Step-And-Jump, Triple Jump : چھلانگ لگانے کا مقابلہ : an athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement.

Bound, Jump, Leap, Spring : اچک کر آگے بڑھنا : move forward by leaps and bounds. "The horse bounded across the meadow".

Be On Cloud Nine, Exult, Jump For Joy, Walk On Air : خوشی سے اچھل پڑنے : feel extreme happiness or elation. "He is jumping for joy".

Jump Rope, Skip Rope, Skipping Rope : پھلانگنے والی رسی : a length of rope (usually with handles on each end) that is swung around while someone jumps over it.

Jump Seat : حرکت کرنے والی کرسی : a folding seat in an automobile.

Jump Suit : پیرا شوٹ سے چھلانگ لگانے کا ایک لباس : one-piece uniform worn by parachutists.

Escalade : چڑھنا : climb up and over. "They had to escalade canyons to reach their destination".

Clamber : مشکل چڑھائی : an awkward climb. "Reaching the crest was a real clamber".

Scandent : اوپر چڑھنے والی ایک بیل : used especially of plants; having a tendency to climb. "Plants of a creeping or scandent nature".

Chandelle : بلند ہونا : climb suddenly and steeply. "The airplane chandelled".

Caper : اچھل کود کرنا : jump about playfully.

Hop, Hop-Skip, Skip : ہلکے سے اچھلنا : jump lightly. "He hops up and down like a little boy".

Overleap, Vault : پھلانگنا : jump across or leap over (an obstacle).

Bolt : اچھل پڑنا : move or jump suddenly. "He bolted from his seat".

Do-Si-Do : ایک قسم کا رقص : a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

Lumbosacral : سیکرم اور لمبر مہروں کے متعلق : of or relating to or near the small of the back and the back part of the pelvis between the hips.

Jumping : پھلانگتے ہوئے : the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump.

Hop : اچھلنا : make a jump forward or upward.

Sky Dive, Skydive : فضائی کرتب کرنا : jump from an airplane and perform various maneuvers before opening one's parachute.

One-Upmanship : مسابقت کا رحجان : the practice of keeping one jump ahead of a friend or competitor.

Turner : جمناسٹک کا ماہر : one of two persons who swing ropes for jumpers to skip over in the game of jump rope.

Sack Race : بوری دوڑ : a novelty race in which competitors jump ahead with their feet confined in a sack.

Magneto, Magnetoelectric Machine : مقناطیسی مشین : a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine.

Retrace, Trace : واپس جانا : to go back over again. "We retraced the route we took last summer".

Give Back, Refund, Repay, Return : رقم واپس دینا : pay back. "Please refund me my money".

Look Back, Look Backward : پچھلی طرف دیکھنا : look towards one's back. "Don't look back while you walk".

Swallow, Take Back, Unsay, Withdraw : الفاظ واپس لینا : take back what one has said. "He swallowed his words".

Hash Over, Rehash, Retrograde : نظر ثانی کرنا : go back over. "Retrograde arguments".

Fall Back, Lapse, Recidivate, Regress, Relapse, Retrogress : پھر سے واپس بری حالت میں ہوجانا : go back to bad behavior. "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals".

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