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Justice Of The Peace meaning in Urdu

Justice Of The Peace Definitions

1) Justice Of The Peace : چھوٹے درجے کا مجسٹریٹ : (noun) a local magistrate with limited powers.


Useful Words

Court : عدالت انصاف , Armistice : صلح کے لئےعارضی جنگ بندی , Peacekeeper : امن کو بحال رکھنے والا , Administration : قانون کے مطابق انصاف کرنے کا عمل , By Rights : انصاف کی رو سے , Wrongly : بے انصافی سے , Conciliator : مصالحت کرانے والا , Pacific : امن پھیلانا , Appease : بہلانا , Wrong : غلطی , Right : سچائی , Bench : ججوں کا گروہ , Golden : خوشحال , Disturb : سکون برباد کرنا , Quietness : آرام کی حالت , Peace-Loving : امن پسند , Collective Security : اجتماعی سلامتی , Judicial : عدالتی , Excite : جھنجھوڑ کر رکھ دینا , Judicial : عدالت سے متعلق , Eden : جنت , Pacify : امن بحال کرنا , Chiliastic : ایک ہزار سال سے متعلق , Righteous : متقی , Fbi : وفاقی تحقیقاتی ادارہ , Disturber : درہم برہم کرنے والا , Vex : پریشان کرنا , Judicatory : عدالتی نظام , Judge : قاضی , Sc : سکیورٹی کونسل , Rioter : شرپسند

Useful Words Definitions

Court: a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws.

Armistice: a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms.

Peacekeeper: someone who keeps peace.

Administration: the act of meting out justice according to the law.

By Rights: with reason or justice.

Wrongly: without justice or fairness.

Conciliator: someone who tries to bring peace.

Pacific: promoting peace.

Appease: make peace with.

Wrong: that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law.

Right: anything in accord with principles of justice.

Bench: persons who administer justice.

Golden: marked by peace and prosperity.

Disturb: destroy the peace or tranquility of.

Quietness: a state of peace and quiet.

Peace-Loving: inclined or disposed to peace.

Collective Security: a system for international peace.

Judicial: decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice.

Excite: stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of.

Judicial: relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge.

Eden: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.

Pacify: fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location).

Chiliastic: relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness.

Righteous: characterized by or proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice.

Fbi: a federal law enforcement agency that is the principal investigative arm of the Department of Justice.

Disturber: a troubler who interrupts or interferes with peace and quiet; someone who causes disorder and commotion.

Vex: disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress.

Judicatory: the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government.

Judge: a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice.

Sc: a permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for preserving world peace.

Rioter: troublemaker who participates in a violent disturbance of the peace; someone who rises up against the constituted authority.

Related Words

Jurisprudence : اصول , Magistrate : مجسٹریٹ

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