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کچھ وقت : Kuch Waqt Meaning in English

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1) کچھ وقت : Patch Piece Spell While : (noun) a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition.

Related : Time : an indefinite period (usually marked by specific attributes or activities). Hot Spell : a spell of hot weather.


Useful Words

وقفہ : Interval, Time Interval : a definite length of time marked off by two instants.

ذرا دیر سونا : Cat Sleep, Catnap, Forty Winks, Nap, Short Sleep, Snooze : sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed). "Set snooze alarm".

اونگھنا : Doze, Drowse, Snooze : sleep lightly or for a short period of time. "They snooze for few minutes".

باہر جانا : Step Out : go outside a room or building for a short period of time. "As i stepped out".

وائرل انفیکشن : Herpangia : a viral infection (usually in children) marked by sore throat and fever and papules in the mouth and throat and headache and abdominal pain; usually subsides in a short time.

حال : Nowadays, Present : the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech. "That is enough for the present".

پہلے : Early : at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time. "Early morning".

دیر : Late : being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time. "Why so late?".

اختتام ہفتہ : Weekend : a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday; more loosely defined as any period of successive days including one and only one Sunday. "Last we met at weekend".

لمحہ : Blink Of An Eye, Flash, Heartbeat, Instant, Jiffy, New York Minute, Split Second, Trice, Twinkling, Wink : a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat). "You send your query and you will get an instant reply".

کمی : Shortness : the condition of being short of something. "There was no shortness of money".

زندگی سے بھرپور : Bouncing, Bouncy, Peppy, Spirited, Zippy : marked by lively action. "A bouncing gait".

عرصہ : Time : an indefinite period (usually marked by specific attributes or activities). "He waited a long time".

لے جانا : Draw : bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition. "She was drawn to despair".

کاغذ سینے کا تار : Staple : paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.

دور : Season : a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field. "He celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company".

مستحکم : Lasting, Permanent : continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place. "Nothing is permanent, everything will be perished".

ہوشیار : Alert, Qui Vive : condition of heightened watchfulness or preparation for action. "Stay alert war is near".

مربوط کرنا : Coordinate : bring into common action, movement, or condition. "Coordinate the painters, masons, and plumbers".

کوئی کام کرنے کے لئے زور ڈالنا : Drag, Drag In, Embroil, Sweep, Sweep Up, Tangle : force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action. "I was dragged to solve their marriage issues and due to my involvement they ended up living together again".

اب بھی : Still : with reference to action or condition; without change, interruption, or cessation. "Still sitting?".

بہت بڑی لا محدود گنتی : Zillion : very large indeterminate number. "A zillion people were there".

کٹاو : Erosion : condition in which the earth`s surface is worn away by the action of water and wind. "Erosion of mountain rocks".

ایجادی : Imaginative, Inventive : (used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action. "An imaginative use of material".

امن کا زمانہ : Peacetime : a period of time during which there is no war.

اس وقت : Currently, Presently : at this time or period; now. "He is presently our ambassador to the United Nations".

اسی دور میں : Contemporaneously : during the same period of time. "Contemporaneously, or possibly a little later, there developed a great Sumerian civilisation".

گرمی لگ جانا : Heat Exhaustion, Heat Prostration : a condition marked by dizziness and nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes. "Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two potentially serious conditions that can occur if you get too hot".

پیداوار : Output, Outturn, Turnout : what is produced in a given time period.

گھنٹوں : Hours : an indefinite period of time. "They talked for hours".

تسلسل : Continuance, Duration : the period of time during which something continues.

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