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Link Up meaning in Urdu

Link Up Sentence

The travelers linked up again at the airport.

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1 of 3) Link Up, Connect, Join, Link, Unite : ملنا, آپس میں جوڑ نا, ایک ہونا : (verb) be or become joined or united or linked.

Related : Syndicate : join together into a syndicate. Articulate : unite by forming a joint or joints. Interlink : be interwoven or interconnected.


2 of 3) Link Up, Connect, Link, Tie : باندھنا, منسلک کرنا, دو چیزوں کو آپس میں جوڑ نا : (verb) connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.

Related : Join : make contact or come together. Attach : cause to be attached. Tee : connect with a tee.

3 of 3) Link Up, Associate, Colligate, Connect, Link, Relate, Tie In : ملانا, جوڑنا, تعلق بنانا : (verb) make a logical or causal connection.

Related : Think : use or exercise the mind or one`s power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments. Correlate : bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation. Think Of : intend to refer to.

Useful Words

Link, Nexus : جوڑ : the means of connection between things linked in series.

Ape-Man, Missing Link : گم شدہ سلسلہ : hypothetical organism formerly thought to be intermediate between apes and human beings.

Booster, Booster Amplifier, Booster Station, Relay Link, Relay Station, Relay Transmitter : بڑھانے والا : an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal. "I have to sale my booster amplifier".

Hook Up : منسلک کرنا : connect or link. "She is trying to hook up with him".

Unification, Union : اتحاد : the state of being joined or united or linked. "There is strength in union".

Couple, Couple On, Couple Up : ایک ساتھ جوڑنا : link together. "Can we couple these proposals?".

Tftl : تعلق بنانے کا شکریہ : Thanks for the Link.

Entwine, Knit : ایک ساتھ لپیٹنا : tie or link together.

Syndicate : تعلق قائم کرنا : join together into a syndicate. "Syndicate of 4 banks".

Go-Between, Intercessor, Intermediary, Intermediator, Mediator : دلال : a negotiator who acts as a link between parties.

Coupled, Joined, Linked : جڑا : connected by a link, as railway cars or trailer trucks.

Walkie-Talkie, Walky-Talky : چلتا پھرتا ٹیلیفون : small portable radio link (receiver and transmitter).

Stitch : ٹانکا : a link or loop or knot made by an implement in knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or sewing. "Kindly stitch the shirt sleeves".

Communicate : ملانا : join or connect. "The rooms communicated".

Yoke : جوڑنا : become joined or linked together. "Yoke it".

Connected : جڑا ہوا : joined or linked together.

Bring Together, Join : ملانا : cause to become joined or linked. "Join these two parts so that they fit together".

Unconnected : بے جوڑ : not joined or linked together.

Cosa Nostra, Maffia, Mafia : خفیہ تنظیم : a crime syndicate in the United States; organized in families; believed to have important relations to the Sicilian Mafia. "You got the heroin seller arrested by informing the police, but save your life now because he was not alone, It`s a mafia".

Concatenation : ملاپ : the state of being linked together as in a chain; union in a linked series.

Combined : متحدہ : made or joined or united into one.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Hereditary Motor And Sensory Neuropathy : اعصابی بیماری : a form of neuropathy that can begin between childhood and young adulthood; characterized by weakness and atrophy of the muscles of the hands and lower legs; progression is slow and individuals affected can have a normal life span; inheritance is X-linked recessive or X-linked dominant.

Syndicate : مربوط ہونا : organize into or form a syndicate.

Articulately, Eloquently : واضع انداز سے : in an articulate manner. "He argued articulately for his plan".

Express, Give Tongue To, Utter, Verbalise, Verbalize : اظہار کرنا : articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise. "Ali`s mobile balance was automatically depleted He called the helpline and expressed his hatred by uttering such a filthy abuses".

Agent Bank, Lead Bank : نمائندہ بینک : a bank named by a lending syndicate of several banks to protect their interests.

Murmur, Murmuration, Murmuring, Mussitation, Mutter, Muttering : غیر واضع ہلکی آواز میں بولنے کا عمل : a low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech. "Murmuring in public".

Anarthria : عدم گویائی : partial or total loss of articulate speech resulting from lesions of the central nervous system.

Tee : تین سروں والے آلے سے جوڑنا : connect with a tee. "Tee two pipes".

Homo, Human, Human Being, Man : انسان : any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage. "Be a human".

Rig : نصب کرنا : connect or secure to. "They rigged the bomb to the ignition".

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