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Love Knot meaning in Urdu

Love Knot Sentence

She has love knot earrings.

Love Knot Synonyms


Love Knot Definitions

1) Love Knot, Lover's Knot, Lovers' Knot, True Lover's Knot, True Lovers' Knot : محبت کی گرہ : (noun) a stylized or decorative knot used as an emblem of love.

Useful Words

Tie : باندھنا , Knotted : گرہ لگانا , Sheepshank : گانٹھ , Knothole : لکڑی کے تختے میں یا درخت میں سوراخ , Flat Knot : بادبانچہ , Bowline : مضبوط گرہ , Bow : گرہ , Cockade : طرہ , Topknot : جوڑا , Hawser Bend : گرہ , Pretzel : خستہ بل دار بسکٹ , Square Knot : دوہری گرہ , Stitch : ٹانکا , Necktie : ٹائی , Slipknot : آسانی سے کھل جانے والی گرہ , Agape : روحانی محبت , Bereft : محبت میں ناکام , Amorist : عاشق مزاج , False Lover : جھوٹا عاشق , Ilu : میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں , Loveless : بے محبت , Love : چاہنا , Fondly : آرام سے , Adore : اتہائی محبت کرنا , Ll : محبت کا خط , Lovesick : محبت میں ناکامی پر مایوس , Marriage Of Convenience : ایسی شادی جو کسی قسم کے مالی یا اور فوائد کی خاطر کی گئی ہو , Calf Love : کم عمری کی عارضی محبت , Uncharitable : غیر خیراتی , Amative : عاشق مزاج , Love Story : پریم کہانی

Useful Words Definitions

Tie: form a knot or bow in.

Knotted: tied with a knot.

Sheepshank: a knot for shortening a line.

Knothole: a hole in a board where a knot came out.

Flat Knot: a square knot used in a reef line.

Bowline: a loop knot that neither slips nor jams.

Bow: a knot with two loops and loose ends; used to tie shoelaces.

Cockade: an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat.

Topknot: showy crest or knot of hair or feathers.

Hawser Bend: a knot uniting joining the ends of two heavy ropes.

Pretzel: glazed and salted cracker typically in the shape of a loose knot.

Square Knot: a double knot made of two half hitches and used to join the ends of two cords.

Stitch: a link or loop or knot made by an implement in knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or sewing.

Necktie: neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.

Slipknot: a knot at the end of a cord or rope that can slip along the cord or rope around which it is made.

Agape: selfless love of one person for another (especially love that is spiritual in nature).

Bereft: unhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love.

Amorist: one dedicated to love and lovemaking especially one who writes about love.

False Lover: a person who is not true in love.

Ilu: I Love You.

Loveless: without love.

Love: be enamored or in love with.

Fondly: with fondness; with love.

Adore: love intensely.

Ll: Love Letter.

Lovesick: languishing because of love.

Marriage Of Convenience: a marriage for expediency rather than love.

Calf Love: temporary love of an adolescent.

Uncharitable: lacking love and generosity.

Amative: inclined toward or displaying love.

Love Story: a story dealing with love.

Related Words

Knot : گرہ

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