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Madeira meaning in Urdu

Madeira Definitions

1) Madeira : ایک قسم کی شراب : (noun) an amber dessert wine from the Madeira Islands.


Useful Words

Espagnole : ایک قسم کی چٹنی , Sauterne : ایک قسم کی میز , Dessert Wine : میٹھی شراب , Sherry : ایک قسم کی شراب , Port : ایک پرتگالی شراب , Magnum : شراب کی بڑی بوتل , Aegadean Isles : قدیم روم کے جزائر , Blood Serum : پیپ , Dessertspoon : میٹھی چیز کھانے کا چمچہ , Compote : پھل کا میٹھا , Carrot Halwa : گاجر کا حلوہ , Ice Cream : آئس کریم , Junket : دودھ کا میٹھا , Frozen Yogurt : جمی ہوئی میٹھی ڈیش یا دہی , Dumpling : حلوہ , Sabayon : ایک جھاگ دار شیرینی , Dowdy : سیب کی میٹھی ڈش , Mousse : پھینٹی ہوئی بالائی اور انڈوں کی مٹھائی , Sherbert : مشروب , Jell-O : کھانے کے بعد پھلوں کا میٹھا , Gelatin : جیلی نما مادہ کھانے میں بھی استعمال ہوتا ہے , Dumpy : گول مٹول , Tablespoon : کھانے کا چمچہ , Enology : شراب بنانے کا فن , Winey : شراب جیسا زائقہ , Enologist : شراب بنانے کا ماہر , Sillabub : مشروب کا رس , Wine Maker : شراب کی فیکٹری , Zinfandel : کیلوفورینا میں اگنے والے کالے انگور سے کشید کی گئی لال شراب , Oenomel : شراب اور شہد , Bota : شراب کی بوتل

Useful Words Definitions

Espagnole: brown sauce with tomatoes and a caramelized mixture of minced carrots and onions and celery seasoned with Madeira.

Sauterne: semisweet golden-colored table or dessert wine from around Bordeaux in France; similar wine from California.

Dessert Wine: still sweet wine often served with dessert or after a meal.

Sherry: dry to sweet amber wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain or similar wines produced elsewhere; usually drunk as an aperitif.

Port: sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal.

Magnum: a large wine bottle for liquor or wine.

Aegadean Isles: islands west of Sicily (now known as the Egadi Islands) where the Romans won a naval victory over the Carthaginians that ended the first Punic War in 241 BC.

Blood Serum: an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulates.

Dessertspoon: as much as a dessert spoon will hold.

Compote: dessert of stewed or baked fruit.

Carrot Halwa: a dessert sweet that made with carrot.

Ice Cream: frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring.

Junket: dessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet.

Frozen Yogurt: a soft frozen dessert of sweetened flavored yogurt.

Dumpling: dessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry.

Sabayon: light foamy custard-like dessert served hot or chilled.

Dowdy: deep-dish apple dessert covered with a rich crust.

Mousse: a rich, frothy, creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream.

Sherbert: a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin.

Jell-O: fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder.

Gelatin: an edible jelly (sweet or pungent) made with gelatin and used as a dessert or salad base or a coating for foods.

Dumpy: Roly-poly is a term used to describe something that is round or chubby in shape. It can also refer to a child`s toy or a dessert made of pastry filled with fruit or jam.

Tablespoon: a spoon larger than a dessert spoon; used for serving.

Enology: the art of wine making.

Winey: having the taste of wine.

Enologist: a specialist in wine making.

Sillabub: spiced hot milk with rum or wine.

Wine Maker: distillery where wine is made.

Zinfandel: dry fruity red wine from California.

Oenomel: wine mixed with honey.

Bota: a wine bottle made of leather.

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