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Mob meaning in Urdu

Mob Synonyms


Mob Definitions

1 of 4) Mob, Rabble, Rout : ہجوم, بھیڑ, لوگوں کا مجمع : (noun) a disorderly crowd of people.

2 of 4) Mob, Jam, Pack, Pile, Throng : ایک جگہ گھس جانا : (verb) press tightly together or cram.

3 of 4) Mob, Crime Syndicate, Family, Syndicate : ہلکا پھلکا تعلق : (noun) a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities.

Useful Words

Crush : ہجوم , Messy : بے ترتیب , Head Over Heels : بد نظمی کے ساتھ , Dogfight : ہاتھا پائی , Overcrowd : رش ہونا , Commotion : ہنگامہ , Mobbish : فسادی , Drove : بھیڑ , Roughhouse : بے قاعدہ کھیل میں مشغول ہونا , Chock Up : ٹھونسنا , Crowd : ہکانا , Brawl : بلند آواز والا جھگڑا , Bare-Knuckle : انڈ شنڈ , Straggle : بکھرے بکھرے ہونا , Cluttered : بکھرا , Herd : بھیڑ , Spiritualism : روحانیت , Endemic : علاقائی مرض , Domain : لوگ , Association : انجمن , Assemble : لوگوں کو جمع کرنا , Eatery : ہوٹل , Fancy : مغالطہ , Distribute : تقسیم کرنا , Act : کام , Doomed : قریب المرگ , Scum : گھٹیا شخص , Unpeopled : غیر آباد , Neighborhood : محلے والے , French : فرانس کے باشندے , Free : آزاد

Useful Words Definitions

Crush: a dense crowd of people.

Messy: dirty and disorderly.

Head Over Heels: in disorderly haste.

Dogfight: disorderly fighting.

Overcrowd: cause to crowd together too much.

Commotion: a disorderly outburst or tumult.

Mobbish: characteristic of a mob; disorderly or lawless.

Drove: a moving crowd.

Roughhouse: engage in rough or disorderly play.

Chock Up: crowd or pack to capacity.

Crowd: cause to herd, drive, or crowd together.

Brawl: a noisy fight in a crowd.

Bare-Knuckle: characterized by disorderly action and disregard for rules.

Straggle: a wandering or disorderly grouping (of things or persons).

Cluttered: filled or scattered with a disorderly accumulation of objects or rubbish.

Herd: a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things.

Spiritualism: the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium).

Endemic: a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location.

Domain: people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest.

Association: a formal organization of people or groups of people.

Assemble: get people together.

Eatery: a building where people go to eat.

Fancy: something many people believe that is false.

Distribute: give to several people.

Act: something that people do or cause to happen.

Doomed: people who are destined to die soon.

Scum: worthless people.

Unpeopled: with no people living there.

Neighborhood: people living near one another.

French: the people of France.

Free: people who are free.

Related Words

Crowd : بھیڑ , Nest : غنڈوں کا مرکز , Youth Gang : بچے غنڈوں کا گروہ , Gangdom : جرائم پیشہ عنصر , Cosa Nostra : خفیہ تنظیم , Gangster : بدمعاش

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