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Mocassin meaning in Urdu

Mocassin Synonym

Mocassin Definitions

1) Mocassin, Moccasin : ایک قسم کا نرم جوتا : (noun) soft leather shoe; originally worn by Native Americans.


Useful Words

Loafer : بغیر فیتے والا جوتا , Latchet : جوتے کو پاوں میں کس دینے والی پٹی یا فیتہ , Cleat : جوتے کا تلہ , Vamp : بوٹ کے اوپر کے چمڑے کا اگلا حصہ , Toecap : پنجہ ٹوپی , Cordovan : قرطبی , Mocha : نرم چمڑا , Achomawi : آچوامی برادری کے لوگ , Kid Glove : بکری کے بچے کی کھال سے بنائے گئے دستانے , Chammy : نرم چمڑا , Buff : چمڑا , Banian : بنیان , Sock : ٹخنوں تک جراب , Camise : قمیض , Ooze Leather : بچڑے کی کھال , Apron : پیش بند , Sporran : ایک مردانہ تھیلا , Lounging Jacket : مردانہ جیکٹ , Outsole : جوتے کا تلا , Heel : جوتے کا تلا , Farthingale : ایک قسم کا لباس یورپی عورتوں کا , Yank : امریکا کا غیر امریکی باشندہ , African-American : افریقی امریکی , Brogan : بھاری جوتا , Wedgie : زنانہ جوتا , Aave : سیاہ فام انگریزی , Footmark : پاوں کا نشان , Shoehorn : جوتا پہنے کا آلہ , Roller Skate : گھرنی دار جوتے , Innersole : جوتے کا تلا , Plimsoll : ایک جوتا جس کا تلا ربڑ کا ہو

Useful Words Definitions

Loafer: a low leather step-in shoe; the top resembles a moccasin but it has a broad flat heel.

Latchet: a leather strap or thong used to attach a sandal or shoe to the foot.

Cleat: a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping.

Vamp: piece of leather forming the front part of the upper of a shoe.

Toecap: a protective leather or steel cover for the toe of a boot or shoe, reinforcing or decorating it.

Cordovan: a fine leather originally made in Cordoba, Spain.

Mocha: soft suede glove leather from goatskin.

Achomawi: a community of Native Americans who speak a Hokan language and live in northeastern California.

Kid Glove: a glove made of fine soft leather (as kidskin).

Chammy: a soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin.

Buff: a soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen.

Banian: a loose fitting jacket; originally worn in India.

Sock: hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee.

Camise: a loose shirt or tunic; originally worn in the Middle Ages.

Ooze Leather: a very soft leather made from the skins of calves and having a suede finish on the flesh side.

Apron: a garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing.

Sporran: a fur or leather pouch worn at the front of the kilt as part of the traditional dress of Scottish Highlanders.

Lounging Jacket: a man's soft jacket usually with a tie belt; worn at home.

Outsole: the outer sole of a shoe or boot that is the bottom of the shoe and makes contact with the ground.

Heel: the bottom of a shoe or boot; the back part of a shoe or boot that touches the ground and provides elevation.

Farthingale: a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally; worn by European women in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Yank: an American (especially to non-Americans).

African-American: pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry.

Brogan: a thick and heavy shoe.

Wedgie: a shoe with a wedge heel.

Aave: a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States.

Footmark: a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface.

Shoehorn: a device used for easing the foot into a shoe.

Roller Skate: a shoe with pairs of rollers fixed to the sole.

Innersole: the inner sole of a shoe or boot where the foot rests.

Plimsoll: a light gym shoe with a rubber sole and a canvas top.

Related Words

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