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Eclat : شان و شوکت , Tastefulness : مزیدار , Homely : سادہ , Elegantly : شائستگی سے , Grace : حسین انداز , Urbanity : شائستگی , Dandified : چھبیلا , Fashionable : ڈھنگ کا , Dowdiness : بھدا پن , Beau Monde : اعلی طبقہ , Snappy : عمدہ , Classy : شاندار , Fashionably : جدید طرز پہ , Manginess : کھجلی کی حالت , Blood : لفنگا , Out-Of-Date : پرانا , Fashion Consultant : فیشن ڈاکٹر , Cutting-Edge : جدید ترین , Resort Hotel : انوکھا ہوٹل , Faddish : فیشن سے متعلق , Periwig : قدیم زمانے کا وگ , Miami Beach : میامی ساحل , Acapulco : میکسیکو کا شہر اکاپلکو , Analytically : تجزیاتی انداز میں , Contractually : معاہدے کے اعتبار سے , Correspondence : برابری , Honor : آبرو , Unusualness : انوکھا پن , Devoutness : پارسائی , Surprisingness : اچانک , Piety : خدا ترسی

Useful Words Definitions

Eclat: ceremonial elegance and splendor.

Tastefulness: elegance indicated by good taste.

Homely: without artificial refinement or elegance.

Elegantly: with elegance; in a tastefully elegant manner.

Grace: elegance and beauty of movement or expression.

Urbanity: polished courtesy; elegance of manner.

Dandified: affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner.

Fashionable: having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress.

Dowdiness: having a drab or dowdy quality; lacking stylishness or elegance.

Beau Monde: the fashionable elite.

Snappy: smart and fashionable.

Classy: elegant and fashionable.

Fashionably: in a fashionable manner.

Manginess: a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing.

Blood: a dissolute man in fashionable society.

Out-Of-Date: old; no longer valid or fashionable.

Fashion Consultant: someone who advises you about fashionable clothing.

Cutting-Edge: in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style.

Resort Hotel: a fashionable hotel usually in a resort area.

Faddish: intensely fashionable for a short time.

Periwig: a wig for men that was fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Miami Beach: a city in southeastern Florida on an island between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean; known for fashionable resort hotels.

Acapulco: a port and fashionable resort city on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico; known for beaches and water sports (including cliff diving).

Analytically: by virtue of analysis.

Contractually: by virtue of a contract.

Correspondence: similarity by virtue of corresponding.

Honor: a woman`s virtue or chastity.

Unusualness: uncommonness by virtue of being unusual.

Devoutness: piety by virtue of being devout.

Surprisingness: extraordinariness by virtue of being unexpected.

Piety: righteousness by virtue of being pious.

Related Words

Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی , Dapperness : خوش وضعی