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Mold meaning in Urdu

Mold Sentences

Mold of making glass.
The fist that was built on Mukka Chowk in Karachi was molded nicely but now it has also been broken by law enforcement agencies.

Mold Synonyms


Mold Definitions

1 of 3) Mold, Cast, Mould : سانچہ : (noun) container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens.

2 of 3) Mold, Forge, Form, Mould, Shape, Work : بنانا, شکل دینا, ڈھالنا : (verb) make something, usually for a specific function.

She molded the rice balls carefully.

3 of 3) Mold, Mould : پھپہوندی : (noun) a fungus that produces a superficial growth on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter.

Useful Words

Moldy : بدذائقہ , Casting : ڈھلائی , Acellular Slime Mold : سلائم , Intractable : بے قابو , Fettle : پاک کر لینا , Hot-Work : گرم لوہے کو موڑنا , Antibiotic : جراثیم کش دوا , Slop : بہانا , Squish : انڈیلنا , Carving : سنگ تراشی , Fluid : رطوبت , Gas : گیس , Plaster : پلستر , Crescent : ہلال , Disown : چھوڑ دینا , Douse : تر بہ تر کرنا , Drain : خالی کرنا , Bewitch : جادو کرنا , Cast Aside : پھینکنا , Recast : نئی شکل دینا , Recast : دوبارہ بنانا , Pig Lead : سیسہ , Irradiate : روشنی ڈالنا , Death Mask : مردے کے چہرے کا پلاسٹر , Cloud : خراب کرنا , Write In : ایسے امیدوار کو ووٹ دینا جس کا نام فہرست امیدواران میں درج نہ ہو , Project : پھینکنا , Bombard : گولہ باری کرنا , Structural Iron : سریا , Voting Booth : وہ جگہ جہاں کوئی شخص اپنا ووٹ ڈال سکے , Straight Ticket : ایک ہی سیاسی جماعت کو ڈالا گیا ووٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Moldy: covered with or smelling of mold.

Casting: the act of creating something by casting it in a mold.

Acellular Slime Mold: a slime mold of the class Myxomycetes.

Intractable: not tractable; difficult to manage or mold.

Fettle: remove mold marks or sand from (a casting).

Hot-Work: roll, press, forge, or shape (metal) while hot.

Antibiotic: a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that can kill microorganisms and cure bacterial infections.

Slop: cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container.

Squish: put (a liquid) into a container or another place by means of a squirting action.

Carving: a sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape.

Fluid: continuous amorphous matter that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas.

Gas: the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscosity; relatively great expansion and contraction with changes in pressure and temperature; the ability to diffuse readily; and the spontaneous tendency to become distributed uniformly throughout any container.

Plaster: a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water; hardens into a smooth solid; used to cover walls and ceilings.

Crescent: any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.

Disown: cast off.

Douse: cover with liquid; pour liquid onto.

Drain: empty of liquid; drain the liquid from.

Bewitch: cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something.

Cast Aside: throw or cast away.

Recast: cast again, in a different role.

Recast: cast or model anew.

Pig Lead: lead that is cast in pigs.

Irradiate: cast rays of light upon.

Death Mask: a cast taken from the face of a dead person.

Cloud: place under suspicion or cast doubt upon.

Write In: cast a vote by inserting a name that does not appear on the ballot.

Project: throw, send, or cast forward.

Bombard: cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile.

Structural Iron: iron that has been cast or worked in structural shapes.

Voting Booth: a booth in which a person can cast a private vote.

Straight Ticket: a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party.

Related Words

Container : ڈبہ , Fungus : سماروغ , Carve : کاٹ کر شکل دینا

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