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Molded meaning in Urdu

Molded Sentence

The molded steel plates.

Molded Synonyms

Molded Definitions

1) Molded, Shaped, Wrought : ٹہوک کر بنائی کئی شئے : (satellite adjective) shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort).


Useful Words

Figurine : مجسمہ , Manipulable : جسے آسانی کے ساتھ ترتیب دیا جا سکے , Acrylate Resin : گلاس جیسا چکنا محلول , Softness : نرمی , Fictile : سانچے میں ڈھلنے کے لائق , Melamine Resin : ملمین رال , Plastic : پلاسٹک , Loaf : ڈبل روٹی یا روٹی کا ٹکڑا , Cone : بیجوں کا مخروطہ , Work Off : کام کرکے جان چھڑانا , Holy Day Of Obligation : عیسائیوں کا مذہبی دن , Dish-Shaped : ڈش یا پیالے کی شکل , Annular : چھلے دار , Acorn-Shaped : نالی نما , Cube-Shaped : مکعبی , Asteroid : ستارہ نما , Cuneal : تکون , Lingulate : زبان کی مانند , Cruciate : صلیب نما , Bulb-Shaped : بلب جیسا , Navicular : کشتی نما , Ovoid : بیضوی , Almond-Shaped : بادام جیسا , Bursiform : تھیلی نما , Blotch : داغ , Acanthoid : ریڑھ دار , Chevron : امتیازی نشان , Bladelike : سیف نما , Actinomycetales : لمبا جراثیم , Cone : مخروطہ , Pillar Box : لیٹر بکس

Useful Words Definitions

Figurine: a small carved or molded figure.

Manipulable: easily managed (controlled or taught or molded).

Acrylate Resin: a glassy thermoplastic; can be cast and molded or used in coatings and adhesives.

Softness: the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded.

Fictile: capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material).

Melamine Resin: a thermosetting resin formed from melamine and an aldehyde; used in molded products, adhesives, and coatings.

Plastic: generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives.

Loaf: a shaped mass of baked bread that is usually sliced before eating.

Cone: cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts.

Work Off: cause to go away through effort or work.

Holy Day Of Obligation: a day when Catholics must attend Mass and refrain from servile work, and Episcopalians must take Communion.

Dish-Shaped: shaped like a dish or pan.

Annular: shaped like a ring.

Acorn-Shaped: shaped like an acorn.

Cube-Shaped: shaped like a cube.

Asteroid: shaped like a star.

Cuneal: shaped like a wedge.

Lingulate: shaped like a tongue.

Cruciate: shaped like a cross.

Bulb-Shaped: shaped like a bulb.

Navicular: shaped like a boat.

Ovoid: an egg-shaped object.

Almond-Shaped: shaped like an almond.

Bursiform: shaped like a pouch.

Blotch: an irregularly shaped spot.

Acanthoid: shaped like a spine or thorn.

Chevron: an inverted V-shaped charge.

Bladelike: shaped like a sword blade.

Actinomycetales: filamentous or rod-shaped bacteria.

Cone: any cone-shaped artifact.

Pillar Box: a red pillar-shaped letter box.