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Mouton meaning in Urdu

Mouton Synonym

Mouton Definitions

1) Mouton, Mutton : بھیڑ بکری کا گوشت : (noun) meat from a mature domestic sheep.


Useful Words

Rambouillet : بڑی جسامت کی بھیڑ , Shank : جانور کے گوشت کا ٹکڑا , Cote : دڑبا , Porc : سور کا گوشت , Herd : جانوروں کا ریوڑ , Beef : گائے کا گوشت , Veal : بچھڑے کا گوشت , Sheepherder : بھیڑوں کا رکہوالا , Feast Of Sacrifice : عيد الاضحی , Wether : خصی بکرا , Potpie : گوشت اور ترکاریوں کا ایک مرکب , Rack : چانپیں , Well-Done : اچھی طرح سے پکایا ہوا , Immature : نابالغ , Adult : بالغ جانور , Osteocyte : استخوانی خلیہ , Gander : ہنس , Ripely : پختگی سے , Green : کچا , Matureness : پختگی , Maturation : بلوغت کو پہچنا , Matronly : شادی شدہ عورت کے متعلق , Buck : نر ہرن , Cow : ہتھنی , Doe : شیرنی , Fold : بھیڑ کا باڑا , Acer Negundo Californicum : پھل والا میپل , Lamb : دنبہ , Baa : بھیڑ کی آواز , Ewe : بکری , Flock : ریوڑ

Useful Words Definitions

Rambouillet: hardy sheep developed from the merino producing both good mutton and fine wool.

Shank: a cut of meat (beef or veal or mutton or lamb) from the upper part of the leg.

Cote: a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons).

Porc: meat from a domestic hog or pig.

Herd: a group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kind that are herded by humans.

Beef: meat from an adult domestic bovine.

Veal: meat from a young of domestic calf .

Sheepherder: a herder of sheep (on an open range); someone who keeps the sheep together in a flock.

Feast Of Sacrifice: on the 10th day of Dhu`l-Hijja, known as Eid al-Adha, Muslims worldwide gather in mosques to attend a special prayer service. In addition, those who are not performing the Hajj pilgrimage engage in a meaningful ritual known as Qurbani or the sacrifice of an animal. Traditionally, a sheep is sacrificed, symbolizing the redemption of Abraham`s son through God`s mercy. It is customary for at least one-third of the meat from the sacrifice to be donated to charitable causes.

Wether: male sheep especially a castrated one, castration is the process of removing the testicles of a male animal, which renders the animal incapable of reproduction and reduces certain hormone-related behaviors. Wethers are commonly raised for meat production or as companion animals. They are generally docile and easier to handle compared to intact rams, making them suitable for various purposes, including grazing, weed control, or as pets..

Potpie: deep-dish meat and vegetable pie or a meat stew with dumplings.

Rack: rib section of a forequarter of veal or pork or especially lamb or mutton.

Well-Done: (meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside.

Immature: not yet mature.

Adult: any mature animal.

Osteocyte: mature bone cell.

Gander: mature male goose.

Ripely: with mature or developed appearance.

Green: not fully developed or mature; not ripe.

Matureness: state of being mature; full development.

Maturation: coming to full development; becoming mature.

Matronly: befitting or characteristic of a fully mature woman.

Buck: mature male of various mammals (especially deer or antelope).

Cow: mature female of mammals of which the male is called `bull`.

Doe: mature female of mammals of which the male is called `buck`.

Fold: a pen for sheep.

Acer Negundo Californicum: maple of the Pacific coast of the United States; fruits are white when mature.

Lamb: young sheep.

Baa: the cry made by sheep.

Ewe: female sheep.

Flock: a group of sheep or goats.

Related Words

Meat : گوشت

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