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ناپائیدار : Napaidar Meaning in English

Napaidar in Sentences

A casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house`s structural flaws.
Thousands mourned his passing.

Napaidar Synonyms


Napaidar in Detail

1 of 3) ناپائیدار وقتی عارضی : Impermanent Temporary : (adjective) not permanent; not lasting.

2 of 3) عارضی چند روزہ ناپائدار : Ephemeral Fugacious Passing Short-Lived Transient Transitory : (satellite adjective) lasting a very short time.

3 of 3) غیر مستحکم ناپائدار : Unstable : (adjective) lacking stability or fixity or firmness.

Useful Words

ترک یا بند کرنے عمل : Discontinuance , چھوٹا صنوبر : Abies Fraseri , کم حیاتی : Ephemerality , عارضیت : Temporariness , اتار چڑھاو : Spike , مرگی کا دورہ : Absence , دیرپا : Durable , دائمی : Agelong , کم وقت والی شے : Ephemera , تین یا چار موسموں میں باقی رہنے والا : Perennial , ایک گھنٹے کا : Hourlong , ابدیت : Everlastingness , عارضی : Fleeting , دو سالہ پودا : Biennial , رات بھر : All-Night , جو تین سال کے بعد واقع ہو : Triennial , سبتی سال : Sabbatical Year , قدیم : Age-Old , تین یا چار موسموں میں باقی رہنے والا پودا : Perennial , دیرپا چیز پر نقش کرنا : Inscribe , دائمی : Perennial , اراضی : Building Site , پست قد اور موٹا : Chunky , روشنائی : Writing Ink , مستقل طور پر : Lastingly , پاگل پن : Insanity , غیر آباد : Uninhabited , پٹھے کا سکڑاو : Contracture , شامیانہ : Marquee , طویل عمر : Longevity , دیہاتی : Villager

Useful Words Definitions

Discontinuance: the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent).

Abies Fraseri: small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves.

Ephemerality: the property of lasting for a very short time.

Temporariness: the property of lasting only a short time.

Spike: a transient variation in voltage or current.

Absence: the occurrence of an abrupt, transient loss or impairment of consciousness (which is not subsequently remembered), sometimes with light twitching, fluttering eyelids, etc.; common in petit mal epilepsy.

Durable: very long lasting.

Agelong: lasting through all time.

Ephemera: something transitory; lasting a day.

Perennial: lasting three seasons or more.

Hourlong: lasting for an hour.

Everlastingness: the property of lasting forever.

Fleeting: lasting for a markedly brief time.

Biennial: having a life cycle lasting two seasons.

All-Night: lasting, open, or operating through the whole night.

Triennial: occurring every third year or lasting 3 years.

Sabbatical Year: a sabbatical leave lasting one year.

Age-Old: belonging to or lasting from times long ago.

Perennial: (botany) a plant lasting for three seasons or more.

Inscribe: write, engrave, or print as a lasting record.

Perennial: lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal.

Building Site: a lot on which there are no permanent buildings.

Chunky: short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature.

Writing Ink: any permanent or washable ink used with pens.

Lastingly: in an enduring or permanent manner.

Insanity: relatively permanent disorder of the mind.

Uninhabited: not having inhabitants; not lived in.

Contracture: an abnormal and usually permanent contraction of a muscle.

Marquee: permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc..

Longevity: the property of being long-lived.

Villager: one who has lived in a village most of their life.

Related Words

مستقل ہونے کی حالت : Permanence , قائم مقام : Acting , غائب ہو جانے والا : Evanescent , جگاڑی : Improvised , کمزور : Rickety , زلزلے سے متعلق : Seismal , نچلے حصے کی نسبت جس کا اوپر کا حصہ بھاری ہو : Top-Heavy

Close Words

ناپائداری : Instability , ناپائیداری : Transience

Close Words Definitions

Instability: the quality or attribute of being unstable and irresolute.

Transience: an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying.