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Nobel Laureate Meaning in Urdu

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1. Nobel Laureate - Nobelist : نوبل پرائز جیتنے والا : (noun) winner of a Nobel prize.

Laureate - someone honored for great achievements; figuratively someone crowned with a laurel wreath.

Related Words

Nobel Prize : اعلی انعام : an annual award for outstanding contributions to chemistry or physics or physiology and medicine or literature or economics or peace.

Nob - Toff : مالدار شخص : informal term for an upper-class or wealthy person. "How come a toff like you understand what it is like to be unemployed and poor"

Nobel Laureate in Book Titles

Fritz Haber: Chemist, Nobel Laureate, German, Jew.
My Life: Recollections of a Nobel Laureate.
Mo Yan in Context: Nobel Laureate and Global Storyteller.

Useful Words

Choice - Prime - Prize - Quality - Select : عمدہ : of superior grade. "Choice wines"

Victor - Winner : جیتنے والا : the contestant who wins the contest.

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